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Specifications; Disposal Of The Product - Hitachi NC-5610 Instructions Manual

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100 - 240V AC, common to 50-60Hz
Main body
Batteries [Nickel-hydrogen battery (1.2V DC, 500mAh×2)]
Charging time
5 hours as standard
Rated time
3 minutes

Disposal of the product

Do not disassemble except when disposing of the product.
This product includes recyclable parts.
For disposal of the parts, observe your local laws and regulations etc.
How to remove the nickel-hydrogen batteries
1. Keep pressing the power switch and selector button at the same time continuously for
5 seconds or more to make the device vibrate and leave it until the vibration stops.
2. Remove the three screws on the reverse side of the main body. (Fig. 15)
3. Insert a flat-blade screwdriver or the like in the head side gap between the main body
cases (front) and (rear), and remove the main body case (rear). (Fig.16)
Flat-blade screwdriver
Main body case (rear)
4. Remove the screws and retaining piece from the circuit board, and remove the circuit
board from the main body case (rear). (Fig.17)
Nickel-hydrogen batteries
Lead wires
5. Cut the lead wires connected to the terminals of the nickel-hydrogen batteries near
the terminals, and take out the batteries from the main body case (rear).
Do not allow the (+) and (-) terminals of the removed nickel-hydrogen
batteries to make contact. (Cause of a short circuit or burns)
Main body case (front)
Retaining piece
Circuit board



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