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General Notes - Electrolux EHG 9320 Service Manual

Gas hob on glass and stainless steel
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1. WARNING: For models which connect to mains electrical power, before exposing any of the
internal electrical wiring the appliance must be disconnected from electrical power by unplugging
the service cord from the electrical outlet. For models which connect to battery power, before
exposing any of the internal electrical wiring the appliance must be remove the battery also.
2. Any servicing carried out on gas containing components where seals are broken including
manifold, regulator, valves and burner supply pipes should be followed by a leak test. Gross leaks
can be detected by connecting a manometer to the regulator test point, pressurising the manifold
and then shutting off the gas with a ball valve. A falling manometer reading indicates a leak.
Small leaks can be located with soap and water applied at the connection.
3. Burner supply pipes leading from the burner control to the burner should have their compression
fittings tightened firmly but not over tightened (If a torque spanner is used set this to 10 –
12Nm). If the tubes are damaged they should be replaced. The soundness of the connections on
the burner supply tubes can be tested by blocking the injector orifice temporarily, eg by fitting an
injector that has been blocked and leak testing the fittings.
4. When reassembling the appliance any earth leads which have been disconnected must be re-
5. Reassembly procedures are a reversal of removal procedures.
6. Replace the spare part with original spare parts. The modify part must not be used.
7. All the screws in this appliance have been designed for difference purpose. They must be use in
the right position and must be the right dimension. If there are any differences from the original
design they may have the serious excident.

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