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Electrolux EHG9360BS User Manual

Built-in gas hob with steam
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User Manual
Built-in Gas hob with steam



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EHG9360BS

  • Page 1 EHG9360BS User Manual Built-in Gas hob with steam...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Now, we are pleased to make some of the best products from this renowned brand available to consumers in Southeast Asia. To us, not only is Electrolux one of the most reliable brands in dealing with home appliances, it is also a brand that promises to bring innovative lifestyles to all families through its cutting edge technologies and excellent designs.
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    Do not remove the pan support and enclose the burner with a • For burner fitted with a flame supervision device, if after 15 wok stand not supplied by Electrolux as this will concentrate the seconds of ignition operation the burner has not lit, stop flame and deflect the heat onto the top plate.
  • Page 4: Parts Identification 4

    Parts identification 4 General safety - The appliance and steam accessories / cookware become hot during use. Care should be taken to avoid touching water tray. - Always use oven gloves to remove the steam accessories / cookware. Caution - Be careful when you open the lid of the steam accessory / cookware while the appliance is in operation and after operation. Steam will release.
  • Page 5 identification 5 parts The Class of the appliance: Class 3 These instructions are only valid if the country symbol appears on the appliance. If the symbol does not appear on the appliance, it is necessary to refer to the technical instructions which will provide the necessary instructions concerning modification of the appliance to the conditions of use of the country.
  • Page 6: Installation Instructions

    6 Installation instructions Installation procedure • Have the installer show you the location of the gas shut off valve and how to shut it off in emergency. • Be certain all packing materials are removed from the hob before operating to prevent fire or smoke damage that could be caused by the presence of these materials.
  • Page 7: Gas Connection

    instructions 7 installation Gas connection • Before installing the appliance, check that the location provides the required clearances from combustible materials and check if necessary to provide protection to adjacent surfaces as required by the regulation. Make provision for the gas supply to be connected to the location.
  • Page 8: Steam Instruction

    6 Installation instructions 8 Steam instruction Accessory Always place the accessory in the middle of the water tray and use the lid to cover your accessory. If using other accessories than the delivered one, be sure that it is suitable for steaming food and fits to the water tray. For best cooking results use metal dishes.
  • Page 9 Steam instructions 9 Activating the steam function Warning Risk of burns and damage to the appliance. Released steam can cause burns. Use only tap water. Do not use filtered (demineralized or distilled) water. Do not use other liquids. Do not put flammable or alcoholic liquids into the water tray. Open the accessory with care after the function stops.
  • Page 10 Steam instruction 10 Table 2: Food category Recipe Amount of water (ml) Power level after Cooking time (min) heat up Fish whole (450g) Medium 25-40 Fish & Seafood Fish fillet 5-15 Prawns High 5-10 Chicken drumsticks Medium 50-60 Poultry Chicken slices Medium 35-45 (1x1cm –...
  • Page 11: Operation 11

    Operation 11 Choice of burner Ignition burners • A semi-rapid burner is for special low heat, simmering 1. Check to make sure that the gas supply is accessible and set up and slow cooking. with the necessary and appropriate fittings/connectors. •...
  • Page 12: Maintenance And Care

    Steam12Maintenanceinstruction 10and care Glass top •If necessary, use a matchstick or brush tocar ports. •Persistent stains may require vigorous rubbing with •After cleaning, ensure the burner caps nylon scourer or creamed powder cleansers. Household are reassembled properly into position. enamel cleaners are available, follow the manufacturer •After cleaning service, when assembling the burner instructions in their use.
  • Page 13: Technical Specifications

    – months) undertaken by an Electrolux Service Center. Any this Electrolux appliance or any part thereof is proved to appliance or defective part replaced shall become the be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or Company property.

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