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Conversion Details - Electrolux EHG 9320 Service Manual

Gas hob on glass and stainless steel
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The appliance is convertible between Natural Gas & LP.
1. Turn off gas supply to appliance.
2. Disconnect appliance from electrical power.
3. Remove the trivets and the burner caps & distributors.
4. Remove the existing injectors and replace with the injectors shown in the table below.
5. Remove the control knobs to access the by-pass screw in the valve bodies.
6. Remove the regulator and replace with appropriate regulator or test point adapter as stated in table
below, and reconnect the appliance.
7. Turn on gas & check for leaks. Replace the Burner crowns & caps.
8. Check and adjust the test point pressure according to the procedure in the installation instructions.
9. Manually light all burners with a hand held ignition source and operate burners at maximum.
Note: Do not reconnect the appliance to electrical power until this procedure is complete.
10. For each hotplate burner adjust the burner to minimum and screw in the bypass screw until a
small stable flame results. Adjust the burner to maximum and back to minimum to ensure correct
11. Re-connect to electrical power and check ignition.
Models With Standard Valves (No Flame Failure Safety Devices)
30.0 mbar
8.0 mbar
Natural Gas
20.0 mbar

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