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Changing The Monitor Settings; Setting A Turn-Off Timer For The Monitor - Fujitsu Zero Client DZ19-2 Operating Manual

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Changing the monitor settings

Setting a turn-off timer for the monitor

You can set a turn-off timer, which switches the monitor off if no inputs are made over a
specified period of time using input devices such as mouse or keyboard.
► To start the Zero Client Control Panel program, double-click on the icon in the taskbar.
► Select Display and Turn off monitor.
► Set the time after which the monitor is to be turned off.
► Confirm with OK or Apply.
The monitor is turned off after the turn-off time set has elapsed, in order to save
energy (the monitor's backlight is switched off).
If the mouse is moved or a button is pressed, Zero Client switches back
to normal operating mode again.
► When you start up the Zero Client for the
first time, after logging in to the system start
the Zero Client Control Panel program by
double-clicking the icon in the taskbar.
► Select Display and Screen resolution.
► Set the "Screen Resolution" to 1680 x
1050 pixels (Zero Client DZ22-2) or 1280
x 1024 pixels (Zero Client DZ19-2).
► Confirm with OK or Apply.
► Log out from the "Virtual Desktop" and then
log in again for the changes to take effect.
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Table of Contents

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