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Xerox Workcentre 7225 Manual

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Xerox Workcentre 7225



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  Summary of Contents for Xerox Workcentre 7225

  • Page 1 Xerox Workcentre 7225...
  • Page 2: Machine Overview

    Machine Overview Document Feeder Control Panel Finisher Output Tray Left Output Tray Middle Output Tray Bypass Tray Tray 1 Tray 2 Tray 4 Tray 3...
  • Page 3 Loading Trays 1 and 2 Open and place the paper in the tray. Make sure the green guide are is the correct position. Note: Paper must not be loaded above the max line. The paper settings for the tray are going to display on the touch screen.
  • Page 4 Loading Paper Trays 3 and 4 Trays 3 and 4 are dedicated for Letter 8.5 x 11 size paper. Make sure the Green Guide is right up again the paper . Note: Paper must not be loaded above the max line. The paper settings for the tray are going to display on the touch screen.
  • Page 5 Confirming Paper Changes Once you close a tray or put something into the any of the trays, the confirmation screen will appear and you will have the options to change the tray setting. Adjust the paper size, paper type, and the color of the paper as needed.
  • Page 6: Bypass Tray

    Bypass Tray 1. Make sure the tray is in the down position. 2. Place the media onto the tray. Paper must not be loaded above the max line. The paper settings for the tray are going to display on the touch screen. 3.
  • Page 7: Loading Originals

    Loading Originals Document Feeder: One or more pages go Face Up. Make sure the gray guides are right up against the original. Document Glass: Originals go Face Down on the glass in the Upper Left hand corner.
  • Page 8: Changing Toner

    Changing Toner Note: When the toner is getting low, you will get a warning to order a new toner before it is empty.
  • Page 9 Changing Waste Toner Just like the toner the machine will prompt you to order another waste toner when it is close to being full.
  • Page 10 Changing Staples You could check the staple supply level under the Machine Status supplies tab. The machine will not prompt you to order new staples.
  • Page 11: Clearing Paper Jams

    Clearing Paper Jams There are three areas where a jam Anything green colored is the paper path and could occur (Labeled A,B,C). The user where the jam would occur. Make sure to open or interface will direct you how to clear twist the green knobs before pulling the paper the paper jam.
  • Page 12: User Interface

    User Interface Energy Saver: Press this button when Services Home: Will always Clear All: Will clear all sets back to the the machine is bring you back to the screen defaults such as the recipients list, fax numbers, in low power shown below.
  • Page 13 Output Color: Copy Output: We select any Main Copy Screen can choose to have a of the finishing options that are colored copy. installed on the copier including Stapling and Hole Punching. Paper Supply: 2 Sided Copying: This is where you can choose an 1>1 sided: use this option if your originals are printed on one side and you want single-sided individual tray.
  • Page 14 New Recipient: You can adjust the You can Main Email Screen Subject line to each search the active directory for yourself or other users in the individual email. organization. E-mail Option: You can adjust the File Format and File Name of the attachment. Output Color: You can choose 2-Sided Scanning:...
  • Page 15 Main Fax Screen Enter the Fax Number here by using the keypad to the right of the touch screen … If you have a 2 Sided original. Change 1-Sided Select Add to send the same Fax to 2-Sided . to multiple Fax numbers.
  • Page 16 The Print Driver can be found by clicking on Printer Properties on your print screen.
  • Page 17 Remote Printing using the Xerox Print Driver The print driver interface gives you quick access to common features of the device at your work station. Including: – Job Type – Paper Supply – 2-Sided Printing – Finishing – Image Options...
  • Page 18 Press the help button on our website to access customer knowledge basic. Where you can find the full user guides and a keyword search for frequently asked questions .

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