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Precautions On Sales Promotion; Safety Instructions - Hitachi UC 9SF Techical Data And Service Manual

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6-1. Safety Instructions

In the interest of promoting the safest and most efficient use of the Models UC 9SF, UC 12SF, UC
14SF and UC 18SF Chargers by all of our customers, it is very important when concluding a sale
that the salesperson carefully ensure that the buyer seriously recognizes the importance of the
Handling Instructions, and fully understands the precautions listed on the Caution Plate and
Nameplate attached to the tool.
6-1-1. Handling instructions
Salespersons must be thoroughly familiar with the contents of the Handling Instructions in order to
give pertinent advice to the customer.
(1) The charged battery voltages are fixed to 9.6 V for the UC 9SF, 12 V for the UC 12SF, 14.4 V for
the UC 14SF, and 18 V for the UC 18SF.
Never try to charge a battery whose voltage is higher than the voltage that the adapter can
supply. Doing so may damage the charger's printed circuit board or the AC adapter.
(2) Only connect the charger to an AC power outlet.
The use of any other power source (e.g., DC outlet, engine-powered generator) will cause the
charger to overheat and burn out.
(3) Do not use any voltage-increasing equipment (e.g., voltage regulator) between the power
supply and the charger.
Using the charger with voltage exceeding that indicated on the unit will result in malfunction.
(4) Conduct battery charging in an ambient temperature range of 0°C to 40°C.
Any attempt at charging when the ambient temperature is below 0°C will fail or overcharging
will occur due to a malfunctioning recharging control circuit. Any attempt at charging when the
ambient temperature is above 40°C will result in charging being stopped before the battery is
fully charged due to a rise in temperature during charging, given the small difference between
the upper-limit rechargeable battery temperature (40°C) and the ambient temperature.
(5) Do not use the charger for repeated charging.
Charging two or more batteries successively at a very hot location may cause an excessive
rise in charger temperature and result in charger failure. Instruct the customer to wait at least
15 minutes before charging a second battery. Particular care is necessary in summer.
(6) Do not insert foreign objects into the air vents on the charger.
The charger case is equipped with air vents to protect internal electronic components from
overheating. Instruct the customer to never drop or insert foreign matter, such as metallic or
flammable objects, into the air vents. This could cause electric shock, fire or other serious
(7) Do not attempt to disassemble the charger.
Incorrect parts replacement and/or wiring will cause malfunctions that could result in fire or
other hazards. Instruct the customer to bring the charger to an authorized service center in the
event that repair or replacement is necessary.



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