Power Supply; Memory Protection - Philips AQ 6688/14 Instructions For Use Manual

Stereo radio cassette player
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Mains adapter
The voltage of the 3V adapter must match with the local
voltage. The 3.5 mm adapter plug's 1.3 mm centre pin must
also be connected to the minus pole -.
• Connect the mains adapter to the set's DC 3V socket.
• Always disconnect the mains adapter if you are not using it.
Battery (optional)
• Open battery door and insert two alkaline batteries, type R6,
UM3 or AA as indicated.Use of Philips POWER LIFE batteries
gives up to 18 hours of cassette playback.
• Remove the batteries from the set if they are exhausted or
not to be used for a long time.
™ When the batteries are running low,
briefly in the display and you should insert new batteries.
If the radio is on, it will automatically switch off.
™ It may be necessary to reprogramme your preset stations.
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The memory protection acts as a backup should there be a
power failure or interruption.
When changing batteries or power supply, the time setting,
presets and the last station listened to are retained for
approximately 2 minutes. This allows you to change batteries
or power supply without having to set your stored data all over
will flash


Table of Contents

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