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Sanyo DC-MCR80M Instruction Manual page 3

Micro component system
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FM outdoor aerial
Do not connect the mains lead to an AC outlet until all connec-
tions have been made.
The system is not completely disconnected from the mains when
the z/ON button is set to the z position.
When connecting the speakers, make sure that (+) and (-) potarales
are matched property. Otherwise, the sound may appear to be lacking
in the bass range and stability.
Connect the blue speaker wire to the red terminal + and the other wire
to the black terminal - .
FM aerials
In areas close to a transmitter the simple indoor aerial is sufficient to
receive broadcasts. Extend the aerial wire as straight as possible and,
while listening to the sound from the system, secure it in a position
which yields minimal distortion and noise.
In fringe areas or where reception is distorted or noisy an external
aerial (not suppiled) should be connected instead of the simple indoor
aerial. Consult your dealer.
AM loop aerial
Assemble the loop aerial as shown in
FM indoor aerial
AM loop aerial
To an AC outlet
R ch speaker
Video/Auxiliary equipment
Unwind the aerial wires, then connect
them to the AM LOOP terminals. Place
the loop aerial in a position which yields
the best AM reception, or attach it to a
wall or other surface as shown in figure.
To minimize noise, the speaker, mains
and any other leads should not come
close to the FM aerial lead and AM loop
aerial. Do not place the aerial leads close
to the system.
Video/Auxiliary equipment input sockets (AUX IN)
Connect audio leads (not supplied) from the audio output sockets of a
video/auxiliary equipment to the AUX IN sockets.
Connect stereo headphones (not supplied) to the PHONES socket for
monitoring or for private listening. The speakers are automatically
disconnected when headphones are connected.
L ch speaker
S c r e w s
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