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Chapter -7: Switching On The Machine And Selecting Aprogramme - Sharp QW-T13F491W-EU User Manual

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1.) ON/OFF Button
When pressed the machine is powered on and the light on Start/Standby button goes on.
2.) Extra Hygiene Button
By using this option, washing temperature and periods during respective cycles may be changed, which ensures
more hygienic washing.
3.) Tablet Detergent Button
Push the Tablet Detergent button when using combined detergent that contains salt, rinse aid and extra
4.) Door Handle
Use the door handle to open-close the door of the machine.
5.) Program selection Button
With the program selector button, you can select a suitable program for your dishes.
6.) Half load option
By using the 'half load' feature of your dishwasher, you can reduce the duration of your selected programs, and
decrease your power and water consumption by using less electricity and water.
7.) Start/Pause Button
Once you press the Start/Pause button, the programme you selected with the programme selector button will
start running and the status indicator lamp "wash" will light up. In the stop condition while wash led is On, Start/
Pause led will blink.
8.) Low Salt Warning indicator
In order to see whether softening salt in your machine is sufficient or not, check the low salt warning light on the
display. When the salt light warning light starts coming on, you need to fill in the salt chamber.
Low Rinse Aid Warning indicator
In order to check that there is sufficient rinse aid in your machine check the low rinse aid warning light on the
display. When the rinse aid warning light starts coming on , fill the rinse aid chamber.
Note : If you have used an extra feature on the latest washing program, this feature will remain active also on
the next washing program. If you do not want to use this feature on the newly selected washing program, press
the selected feature button again, and check that the lamp on the button goes off.
9.) Program Monitor Lights
Program flow can be monitored via program monitor lights on control panel.
• Wash
• Dry
• End
10.) Remaining Time Indicator
Remaining Time Indicator displays the program times and remaining time during the program is in operation. In
addition, you can adjust the program delay time by pressing the buttons on the indicator before program starts.
If you want to change delay time, you can set the time by pressing Start/Pause button and using buttons on the
indicator. Press Start/Pause button again in order to activate.
Child Lock Operation
In order to activate child lock, press "+" and "–" buttons on remaining time indicator simultaneously for 3
seconds. At this time, "CL" appears for 2 seconds on remaining time indicator. To deactivate the child lock, press
"+" and "–" buttons again simultaneously for 3 seconds. "CL" will blink 1 time.
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