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Chapter-10: Practical And Useful Information - Sharp QW-T13F491W-EU User Manual

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If there are whitish stains on the dishes
• insufficient detergent is being used
• Rinse aid dosage setting at a very low level.
• No special salt is being used despite the high degree of water hardness.
• Water softener system setting is at a very low level.
• Salt compartment cap not closed well.
Won't dry no need for dry
• A programme without a dry operation has been selected.
• Rinse aid dosage set too low
• Dishes unloaded too fast.
If there are rust stains on the dishes
• Stainless-steel quality of the dishes washed is insufficient.
• High rate of salt in the wash water.
• Salt compartment cap not properly closed.
• Too much salt spilt into the sides and into the machine while filling it with salt.
• Poor mains grounding.
Call an authorised service if the problem still persists after the controls or in case of any malfunction
not described above.
1- When you won't be using your machine for an extended period
• Unplug the machine and then turn the water off.
• Leave the door slightly ajar in order to prevent the formation of unpleasant smells.
• Keep the machine interior clean.
2- Eliminating water droplets
• Wash the dishes with the intensive programme.
• Take all of the metal containers in the machine out.
• Do not add detergent.
3- If you properly place your dishes into the machine, you will be using it in the best way in
terms of energy consumption, washing and drying performance.
4- Clean all rough waste before you place dirty dishes to the machine.
5- Operate the machine after it is completely full.
6- Use pre-washing program only when necessary.
7- Observe program information and average consumption values table when selecting a
8- Since the machine will reach high temperatures, it should not be placed near a refrigerator.
9- If the appliance is located in a place where the risk of freezing exists, you must completely drain
the water that has remained in the machine. Turn off the water tap, disconnect the water inlet hose
from the tap and allow the interior water to drain.
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