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Chapter-8: Maintenance And Cleaning; Filters; Spray Arms; Hose Filter - Sharp QW-T13F491W-EU User Manual

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Cleaning the machine regularly prolongs the machine's service life.
Oil and limescale may accumulate in the machine's washing section. In case of such accumulation;
-Fill the detergent compartment without loading any dishes into the machine, run the machine at high
temperature. If this does not work, use special cleansing materials.
Cleaning the seals in the machine door,
-Wipe the seals regularly by using a dampened cloth.
Cleaning machine,
Clean the filters and spray arms at least once a week.
Unplug your machine and turn off its tap before starting the cleaning.
Wipe with a fine cleaning material and a dampened cloth.


If any food wastes have remained on the coarse and fine filters, remove the filters and clean them thoroughly
under the water tap.
a. Micro Filter
b. Coarse Filter
c. Metal/Plastic Filter
To remove and clean the filter combination, turn it counter clockwise and take it out by lifting upwards.1
Pull and remove the metal/plastic filter. 3 Then pull the coarse filter out of the micro filter.2 Rinse it with lots
of water under the tap. Refit the metal/plastic filter. Insert the coarse filter into the micro filter in a way that the
marks will correspond to one another. Attach micro filter into the metal/plastic filter and turn to the direction of
arrow and it is locked when the arrow on micro filter can be seen from across. 4
• Never use your dishwasher without a filter.
• Incorrect fitting of the filter will reduce the washing effectiveness.
• Clean filters are very important in terms of the proper running of the machine.

Spray arms

Check the holes for the upper and lower spray arms. If there is any clogging, remove the spray arms and clean
them under water.
You can remove the lower spray arm by pulling it upwards, while the upper spray arm nut can be removed by
turning the nut to the left. Be sure that the nut is perfectly tightened when refitting the upper spray arm.

Hose filter

Check the filter and the hose from time to time and clean them
to prevent yellowing and formation of deposits after washing. To
clean the filter, first turn off your tap and then remove the hose.
After removing the filter from the hose, clean it under the tap.
Insert the cleaned filter back into its place inside the hose. Refit
the hose.
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