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Chapter-5: Loading Your Dishwasher; Dish Rack - Sharp QW-T13F491W-EU User Manual

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Place dishes properly into the machine.
There are two seperate baskets to load dishes into your machine.The lower basket is for round and deep items.
The upper basket is for thin and narrow items. You are recommended to use the cutlery basket in order to obtain
the best result.
To avoid any possible injuries, place long-handle and sharp-pointed knives with their sharp points facing down or
horizontally on the baskets.
Warning: Place your dishes into your machine in a way that they will not prevent the upper and lower spray arms
from spinning.

Dish rack

You can place different sizes of glasses under these racks thanks
to the adjustable height feature. You can use racks in 3 different
Top basket height adjustment
The top basket of machine is in the upper position.When you move the top basket to the lower position, you can
place and wash big sized plates in the top basket.
Open the basket retaining parts at the end of the top basket rails by turning them to the sides, and take the basket
out. Change the position of the wheels; reinstall the basket to the rail, and close basket retainer parts. In this way,
you take the top basket to the lower position.
Lower Basket
Folding Racks
Folding racks consist of four parts in order to let you place big items more easily such as pots, pans, etc. If
desired, each part can be folded separately in order to obtain larger space.
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