Honda AS 65 4T Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions

AS 65 4T Honda
From serial number:
EN-Translation of the Original Operating Instructions
09 January 2015, V13.0



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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Allmäher® AS 65 4T Honda From serial number: 019810020001 Issued: 09 January 2015, V13.0 EN-Translation of the Original Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Preface

    dummy Preface Intended use The device is exclusively intended for cutting Please fill in all data referring to your device. When ordering spare parts, provide your deal- grass or similar vegetation in well maintained er with the device and engine number. areas in agriculture, forestry, and landscape conservation that are mowed at least once a year.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Switching off and parking ....... 16 Preface ............. dummy Maintenance and cleaning ...... 17 Intended use ..........Preparations .......... 18 Explanation of the symbols ....Cleaning the device ....... 18 dummy Inhalts verz eichnis General inspection ......... 19 Symbols in the instructions ....Chain lubrication ........
  • Page 4: Explanation Of The Symbols

    dummy Inhalts verz eichnis Explanation of the symbols Prior to any repair and mainte- nance work, pull off the spark plug connector. Symbols in the instructions In these operating instructions, the following symbols are used to denote special dangers. Warning. These symbols denote special Clean the ventilation grid! dangers.
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Safe handling of fuel Safety instructions Get informed! Danger! Fuel is toxic and highly inflamma- For your safety, read these operating instruc- ble. tions with care. Familiarize yourself with the Danger of fire and explosion! control elements and the proper use of the Keep the fuel away from ignition device.
  • Page 6: Check The Device Prior To Use

    – before you tilt or transport the device. In case of skin contact, immediately wash with water and soap. Change your soiled clothing – if you step away from the device, even for as soon as you can. just a short time. Measures in case of a fire –...
  • Page 7: When Work Is Completed

    1. Only mow steep slopes when safe opera- tion assured. 2. Do not mow excessively steep slopes. 3. When mowing steep slopes, meet the The area in front of and to the right of the appropriate safety measures, e.g. use step device is especially dangerous.
  • Page 8: Use Caution During Maintenance And Repair

    Never store the device when there is fuel in the We explicitly point out that, in accordance with tank inside a building where fuel vapours might the Product Liability Act, we are not liable for come into contact with open fire or sparks. damages that were caused by our devices if –...
  • Page 9: Device Description

    Device description Steerable front wheel Protection skirt Protection bow Interlock steerable front wheel Cutting height adjustment Silencer Ventilation grid Oil filler opening Starter grip 10 Lever for lateral adjustment of handle- 11 Handlebar console 12 Height adjustment handlebar 13 Type plate 14 Switching lever 15 Tank ventilation 16 Tank filler spout...
  • Page 10: Control Elements

    Blade clutch lever (3) Control elements The blade clutch lever is a safety device. When you release the lever the blade comes to a standstill within 7 seconds Engaging blade (I): Lift the blade clutch lever, engage the latch knob (87) and press the blade clutch lever towards the handlebar.
  • Page 11: Assembly

    – Warranty card. Differential lock (6) – Tool bag. Release the lever. – Operating instructions of the engine manu- Off: facturer. Press the lever towards Unpacking the handlebar and contin- ue to hold. 1. Open the box at the top. Switching lever 2.
  • Page 12: Transport

    Transport Warning! Risk of injury due to the heavy weight of the device. The device can fall over and fall down and cause severe injuries. Observe the following notices. Transport the device on a freight vehicle or a trailer which is designed for a carrying capacity of at least as great as the empty weight of the device.
  • Page 13: Prior To Starting

    high grass, clutch engagement leads to over- Tanking up load. To keep the area well maintained, mow fre- Danger! quently and keep the grass short. Fuel is ignited by hot engine parts. Prior to filling up, switch off the Only mow with a sharp and undamaged blade. engine and wait for at least Have the blade sharpened and balanced 20 minutes until the engine has...
  • Page 14: Locking Steerable Front Wheel

    Starting Danger! During startup, there is a risk of injury caused by the rotating blade. Make sure that no one is within the danger zone of the blade. Do not tip the device over to one side during startup. Danger! If after startup the carburetor does not close properly, fuel will overflow and a fire hazard occurs.
  • Page 15: Driving

    Turning Driving Turn the device round only where the grass Driving has been mowed already. Turning round on an even surface: In case of a hazardous situation, switch off the drive and declutch the blade. 1. Switch off the drive and the differential lock. Drive on: 2.
  • Page 16: Switching Off And Parking

    Switching off and parking Caution! On a slope, the device can roll away. Put the device on even ground only or secure it against rolling away. 1. Release the drive lever. 2. Set the accelerator lever to the lowest engine speed. 3.
  • Page 17: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and cleaning warranty. Operational safety is endangered as Regular maintenance keeps your device ready well. for use. Contact your authorised service centre for If you do not observe the maintenance notices, checkup if you detect problems during mainte- faults may occur that are not covered by the nance.
  • Page 18: Preparations

    ■ ▲ Chassis and im- Check for rust and fissures and check the welding seams. pact protection ■ ▲ Are all protective devices and covers in place, fastened correctly and properly functioning? ■ ▲ Label Condition of the labels. ■ ▲...
  • Page 19: General Inspection

    Fire hazard! Take particular care that the Transmission components at the silencer are clean. The transmission is maintenance-free and For cleaning, use a hand brush. Remove filled with oil that is supposed to last the entire stubborn dirt with a wooden or plastic spatula. service life of the device.
  • Page 20: Checking The Spark Plugs

    If the rear wheels lock, the drive is correctly Checking the spark plugs adjusted. If you can pull the device, the drive must be re-adjusted. Danger! The ignition system generates an electromagnetic field. Wearers of pacemakers must not work on live parts. Soiled spark plugs reduce the engine output.
  • Page 21: Checking The Blade

    Blade change Checking the blade Danger! Improperly mounted and main- tained blades pose a severe injury hazard. Work at the blade shall only be performed by an authorised service centre. Wear sturdy gloves when you check the blades. It is absolutely necessary to change the blade: –...
  • Page 22: Storage

    Restarting Storage If you want to start the device after a longer Storing the device storage, carry out the tasks described in chap- ter Maintenance. Keep the device in a closed, dry, and well ventilated room and out of reach of children. leer er Abs atz Always eliminate all problems of the device Spare parts...
  • Page 23: Warranty

    Warranty The conditions of the warranty can be found on the reverse side of your warranty card. Send the filled-out warranty card immediately after the purchase of your device to “AS-Motor Germany” or the supplier. Other- wise, the warranty is no longer valid. Preserve the proof of purchase or the warranty card that was filled out by the vendor.
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The following table contains the most frequent problems and their elimination. If more problems occur, contact the closest authorised service centre. You can find an authorised service centre on our home page Problem Possible cause Remedy Engine does not Engine stop switch is set to Switch the engine stop switch to ON.
  • Page 25 Spark plug is sooted, dam- Clean spark plug and check electrode aged, or incorrect electrode gap (see also Maintenance and clean- gap. ing). Replace spark plug if necessary. Housing of the mower is See also Maintenance and cleaning. jammed. No drive when drive Drive belt is insufficiently Authorised service centre lever is actuated...
  • Page 26 Different tire pressure. the tire pressure. Mulching result with Speed is too high. Reduce speed. high plant material not satisfactory Mulching result with Plant material is ejected too Increase speed. low plant material quickly. not satisfactory Discharge channel is Mowed grass was too long or Adjust cutting height and mowing jammed too damp.
  • Page 27: Accessories

    Accessories Low pressure tires: G06721006 E09303 Branch lifter: G06726021 E09357 Spray paint 400 ml, colour orange: G00011050 E04606 Operating hours counter: G06927008 E10740 Clinometer: G06950027 E11835 Cage wheels: G06780016 E09356 Hand protection set: G06780309 E09382...
  • Page 28: Technical Data

    Technical data Type AS 65 4T Honda Range of application (temperature) 0 - 30 °C For temperatures below 5 °C, observe the engine manufacturer’s information regarding the engine oil. Engine, type One cylinder four stroke engine Manufacturer Honda Type GSV 190...
  • Page 29: Declaration Of Conformity

    Ellwanger Straße 15 D-74424 Bühlertann Declaration of conformity We declare that the grassland mower type AS 65 4T Honda with serial number starting from 019810020001 as brought into circulation by us conforms to all relevant 2006/42/EG safety and health requirements of the EC directives 2004/108/EG listed.
  • Page 30 Umbruc h...
  • Page 31 Umbruc h...
  • Page 32 Mar keti ng Umbruc h AS-Motor Germany GmbH & Co. KG Ellwanger Straße 15 D-74424 Bühlertann Professional technology for gardens and landscapes Allmäher® Manoeuvrable meadow mower for extensive green area care. The Allmäher reliably shreds metre-high grass, undergrowth, and weeds.