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Installation; Location Of The Unit; Install The Unit; Terminal Connection - JVC KS-DR3004 Instruction Manual

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The illustration above shows a typical installation. However, you
should make adjustments corresponding to your specific car.
A Location of the unit
• Mount this unit on a firm surface, such as in the trunk or under the
front seat.
• When mounting the unit under the front seat, make sure that
adjusting the seat position will not catch any wire of the unit.
• Since heat is generated in the unit, do not mount it near
inflammable objects.
• Do not mount the unit in the places subject to heat: near a
radiator, in a glove compartment or in insulated areas such as
under a car mat that will prevent the unit from dissipating heat.
① Under the front seat
② Onto the trunk floor
B Install the unit
• When mounting this unit, be sure to use the provided screws.
• If any other screws are used, there is a risk of loosening the unit or
damaging the parts under the car floor.
• Before drilling holes in the trunk to install the unit, make sure that
there is a sufficient space under the trunk so that you do not drill
holes in the fuel tank, etc.
③ Provided screw Ø 4 × 20 mm (13/16 in.)
④ Drilled hole


Use ring terminals (not provided) for secure connection.

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