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Door Reversibility - Whirlpool ARC 2000 Instructions For Use Manual

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The doors of your Fridge Freezer can be reversed.
• Ensure the Fridge Freezer is unpugged and empty.
• We recommend you have someone to assist you.
Tools required
• Phillips style screwdriver
• Flat bladed screwdriver
• 8 mm and 10 mm Socket or spanner.
When laying the Frdge Freezer on it's back in order to gain
access to the base, you should never tip it back by more than
45º and must rest it on soft foam packaging or similar material
to avoid damaging the cooling pipes at the rear of the Frdge
Remove the two screws at the rear of the Fridge Freezer.
Lift the top off the Fridge Freezer.
Use the 8 mm socket or spanner to remove the 3 hinge bolts.
Remove the 3 bolts from the opposite side.
Remove bracket and plastic surround. Remove and replace
the pin in the bracket. Replace on opposite side of the Fridge
Freezer cabinet.
Lift the top door off middle hinge bracket and pull away from
the body of the Fridge Freezer. Remove retaining screw from
the top of the cabinet and replace on the other side.
Remove the middle hinge using an 8 mm socket/spanner.
Take care not to lose the white spacer. Put hinge to one side.
Lift door off the bottom bracket.
Remove blanking plates from the middle of the cabinet and
replace in opposite side. Remove the blanking plates from the
doors and replace the hinge bushes on the other side.
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