Power “On/Off”; Isplaying And Switching The Assist Mode - Yamaha PW series Original Instructions Manual

Display unit (led type)
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Assist mode switch (up)
Assist mode
switch (down)
Display unit (LED type)
The display unit (LED type) offers the following operations
and information displays.
2 Power "On/Off"
Each time you press the power switch, the power switches
between "On" and "Off". When the power turns on, all the
lamps on the display unit light up for approximately 2 sec-
onds and then turn off again. After that, the "STD" assist
mode lamp, battery capacity indicator, and the residual
battery capacity lamp (range meter and remaining assist
distance lamp, or the speedometer and bicycle speed
Power switch
lamp) light up again.
2 Displaying and switching the assist mode
The assist mode lamp displays the selected assist mode.
Assist mode lamp
Further pressing of the assist mode switch (up) or (down)
will not cycle the assist mode selections.
In the Off mode, the assist mode lamp does not light.
• When you turn on the power, the assist mode is auto-
matically set to Standard mode.
• Keep your feet off the pedals when turning on the dis-
play unit. Also, do not start riding immediately after
turning on the display unit. Doing so could weaken the
assist power. (Weak assist power in either of these
cases is not a malfunction.) If you did either of the
above by accident, remove your feet from the pedals,
turn on the power again, and wait a moment (approxi-
mately 2 seconds) before starting to ride.
• When you press the assist mode switch (up), the mode
changes from "OFF" to "ECO" to "STD", or from "STD"
to "HIGH".
• When you press the assist mode switch (down), the
mode changes from "HIGH" to "STD", or from "STD" to
"ECO", or "ECO" to "OFF".


Table of Contents

Table of Contents