Introduction; Three Types Of “Assist Mode” Are Available - Yamaha PW series Original Instructions Manual

Display unit (led type)
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The e-Bike Systems are designed to give you the optimal amount of
power assist.
It assists you within a standard range based on factors such as your pedaling strength, bicycle
speed, and current gear.
The e-Bike Systems do not operate in the following situations:
• When the display unit's power is off.
• When you are moving 25 km/h or faster.
• When you are not pedaling.
• When there is no residual battery capacity.
• When the automatic power off function* is operating.
* Power turns off automatically when you do not use the e-Bike Systems for 5 minutes.
• When the assist mode is set to Off mode.
Three types of "assist mode" are available.
Choose from High-Performance mode, Standard mode, Eco mode and Off mode to suit your riding
conditions. See "Displaying and switching the assist mode" for information on switching between
assist modes.
High-Performance mode
Standard mode
Eco mode
Off mode
Use when you want to ride more comfortably, such as when
climbing a steep hill.
Use when riding on flat roads or climbing gentle hills.
Use when you want to ride as far as possible.
Use when you want to ride without power assist. You can still use
the other display unit functions.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents