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Yamaha sIMPLEk-Stick Operation Manuals

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sIMPLEk – Stick
operation manual
Version for Yamaha


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Yamaha sIMPLEk-Stick

  • Page 1 – Stick operation manual Version for Yamaha...
  • Page 2 Attention! Before first use, please read the operation and safety instructions carefully! sIMPLEk-Stick – assembly set General remarks and savety instructions Assembly and installation Assembly of parts Installation Handling Calibration Tuning-mode 3.2.1 Reset of the maximum speed...
  • Page 3 General remarks and safety instructions The offered “sIMPLEk-Stick“-assembly set (here called as “sIMPLEk-Stick“) will be delivered in individual parts and cannot be used in delivery conditions. The assembly set is only allowed to be used by experts allowing for applicable regulations and standards regarding the equipment.
  • Page 4: Assembling And Installation

    Assembling and installation The sIMPLEk-Stick consists of 4 components only: • circuit board (Fig. 1) • connection cable (Fig. 2) • USB plug (Fig. 3) • USB enclosure (Fig. 4) The assembly is simply designed. figure 01 - circuit board figure 02 - connection cable figure 03 –...
  • Page 5 Assembly The board is already equipped with the SMD components when delivered. Only the USB plug has to be inserted and soldered on the same side. Make sure the plug is fully seated on the board (Fig. 5) before you start soldering. In order to ensure complete protection against water, it is recommended to seal the board with suitable measures (e.g.
  • Page 6 figure 05 – circuit board witrh USB-plug figure 06 – circuit board inserted figure 07 – close enclosure figure 08 – closed enclosure...
  • Page 7 Installation Before you start with the installation, remove the battery of your E-bikes! The connection cable is upstreamed in front of the original sensor. For this purpose the motor cover has to be removed. Depending on the engine version you need additional tools.
  • Page 8 Installation based on an engine version Yamaha PW: Required tools: • 3 mm allen key • 6 mm allen key • small screwdriver Unscrew the three 3 mm allen screws (Fig. 9). It is possible that these are provided with a screw-locking device.
  • Page 9: Operation

    A change from Tuning Mode to Calibration Mode is made by plugging the sIMPLEk into any active USB port for at least 5 seconds. The next time you plug in the sIMPLEk-Stick on the e-bike, the calibration mode starts directly.
  • Page 10 In order to start the calibration mode manually, plug in the sIMPLEk-Stick into any active USB port for at least 5 seconds. The next time you plug in the sIMPLEk- Stick on the e-bike, the calibration mode starts directly.