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Yamaha PW45 Original Instructions Manual

E-bike systems bicycle. drive unit, display unit, battery pack, battery charger


It contains important safety information.
Drive Unit
Display Unit
Battery Pack
Battery Charger
S-Pede Kit Manual (2016).indd


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Summary of Contents for Yamaha PW45

  • Page 1 READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY! It contains important safety information. Drive Unit Display Unit Battery Pack Battery Charger ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS PW45 S-Pede Kit Manual (2016).indd 2015/06/24 9:22:04...
  • Page 2 S-Pede Kit Manual (2016).indd 2015/06/24 9:22:04...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

  • Page 4: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION These original instructions have been prepared for your Drive Unit, display unit, battery pack and battery charger. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE WARNINGS CONTAINED IN THIS MANUAL CAN RESULT IN SERI- OUS INJURY OR DEATH. Particularly important information is distinguished in this manual by the following notations: This is the safety alert symbol.
  • Page 5 Please check your local riding laws and regulations before operating this e-Bike Systems bicycle. Drive Unit, Display Unit, Battery Pack, Battery Charger ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS ©2015 by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. 1st edition, July 2015 All rights reserved. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Page 6: Location Of The Warning And Specification Labels

    LOCATION OF THE WARNING AND SPECIFICATION LABELS Read and understand all of the labels on your battery pack and battery charger. These labels con- tain important information for safe and proper operation. Never remove any labels from your bat- tery pack and battery charger: Battery pack Battery charger How to disconnect the plug.
  • Page 7 LOCATION OF THE WARNING AND SPECIFICATION LABELS Familiarize yourself with the following pictograms and read the explanatory text, then make sure to check the pictograms that apply to your model. Read the Owner’s manual Do not dispose of in a fire Do not disassemble Do not use with wet hands S-Pede Kit Manual (2016).indd...
  • Page 8: Description

    DESCRIPTION 1. Drive Unit 2. Speed sensor set a) Magnet sensor spoke type b) Pick up 3. Display unit a) Display (detachable) b) Display holder c) Switch 4. Battery pack 5. Battery charger S-Pede Kit Manual (2016).indd 2015/06/24 9:22:06...
  • Page 9: E-Bike Systems

    E-BIKE SYSTEMS The e-Bike Systems are designed to give you the optimal amount of power assist. It assists you within a standard range based on factors such as your pedaling strength, bicycle speed, and current gear. The e-Bike Systems do not operate in the following situations: •...
  • Page 10 E-BIKE SYSTEMS Power assist chart High High-Performance mode Standard mode Power-saving Eco mode +Eco mode Starting off Level road Inclined road Steep incline High-Performance Standard Eco mode +Eco mode mode mode A mode that can be The recommended A mode for saving counted on to mode, balancing assist power to...
  • Page 11 E-BIKE SYSTEMS Conditions that could decrease remaining assist distance The remaining assist distance will decrease when riding in the following conditions: • Frequent starts and stops • Numerous steep inclines • Poor road surface conditions • When carrying heavy loads •...
  • Page 12: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION Never use this battery charger to charge other electrical appliances. Do not use any other charger or charging method to recharge the special batter- ies. Using any other charger could result in fire, explosion, or damage the batter- ies.
  • Page 13 SAFETY INFORMATION Do not short the contacts of the battery pack. Doing so could cause the battery pack to become hot or catch fire, resulting in serious injury or property damage. Do not disassemble or modify the battery pack. Doing so could cause the battery pack to become hot or catch fire, resulting in serious injury or property damage.
  • Page 14: Instrument And Control Functions

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS Display unit Power switch Assist power meter Assist mode switch (up) Speedometer Assist mode Function select Clock switch (down) switch Running assist Running assist switch indicator Assist mode indicator Function display USB receptacle Battery capacity indicator “...
  • Page 15 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS Display unit The display unit offers the following operations and infor- mation displays. 2 Battery Check if the rated battery (CR2032) is installed in the rear Cover Close of the display. If a battery is not installed, or if there is not sufficient bat- Waterproof seal tery power remaining, install a new battery.
  • Page 16 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 2 Power “On/Off” Power switch Each time you press the power switch, the power switches between “On” and “Off”. When you turn on the power, all of the displays light up. After that, the battery capacity indicator, speedometer, as- sist power meter, the function display such as average bi- cycle speed, and “STD”...
  • Page 17 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 2 Displaying and switching the assist mode Assist mode indicator The assist mode indicator displays the selected assist mode. • When you press the assist mode switch (up), the mode Assist mode changes from “Off” to “+Eco” to “Eco” to “Std”, or from switch (up) “Std”...
  • Page 18 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 2 Battery capacity indicator The battery capacity indicator displays an estimate of how much capacity is left in the battery on an 11-segment scale. Battery capacity indicator 2 Assist power meter The assist power meter displays an estimate of the assist Assist power meter power during riding on an 8-segment scale.
  • Page 19 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 2 Function display The function display can display the following functions. • Average bicycle speed Function • Maximum bicycle speed select switch • Trip meter • Odometer • Remaining assist distance • Battery capacity (%) • Cadence Function display Push the function select switch, the display changes as follows: Average bicycle speed ...
  • Page 20 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 7 Remaining assist distance This displays an estimate of the distance (in kilometers or miles) that can be ridden with assist on the residual bat- tery capacity of the battery installed. If you switch the as- sist mode when the remaining assist distance is displayed, the estimate of the distance that can be ridden with assist changes.
  • Page 21 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS The maximum speed will vary depending on the selected gear. The maximum speed will become slower in a lower gear. Even if you release the running assist switch while the function is being used, the running assist indicator will re- main on the display for five seconds.
  • Page 22 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 7. Press the function select switch, and the distance (km or mile) and speed (km/h or MPH) will begin to flash. 8. Use the assist mode switches (up & down) to switch between “km & km/h” and “mile & MPH”. 9.
  • Page 23 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 2 Power supply to external devices Power can be supplied to most external devices (e.g. vari- ous smart phones etc.) by connecting a commercial USB cable. [To supply power] 1. Open the USB receptacle cap of the switch. 2.
  • Page 24: Battery Pack And Charging Procedure

    Charger display formance stabilizes. Charging plug Power plug The battery pack for the Yamaha e-Bike Systems also has an embedded computer which notifies you of estimated Battery capacity Battery residual battery capacity and suspected faults via the bat- indicator lamp capacity tery capacity indicator lamp.
  • Page 25 BATTERY PACK AND CHARGING PROCEDURE Appropriate charging environments For safe and efficient charging, use the battery charger in a location that is: • Flat and stable (when on the bicycle) • Free of rain or moisture • Out of direct sunlight •...
  • Page 26 BATTERY PACK AND CHARGING PROCEDURE WARNING If a charging fault occurs during charging, remove the power plug of the battery charger from the socket and wait for the battery pack/battery charger to cool. [CHARGING THE BATTERY PACK MOUNTED ON THE BICYCLE] 1.
  • Page 27 BATTERY PACK AND CHARGING PROCEDURE • Charging will start automatically. • If the display unit is turned on while the battery pack is charging, all normal displays will be shown, including the battery capacity indicator, but the assist system will not function.
  • Page 28 BATTERY PACK AND CHARGING PROCEDURE 6. See “Reading the charging status”, and check that the Lock-release ring battery charger is charging the battery pack. 7. The battery capacity display lamps will light up one by one until all four are on. Then, when charging is com- plete, all of the lamps will go off.
  • Page 29 BATTERY PACK AND CHARGING PROCEDURE 11. Make sure that it is securely attached by pulling the battery after installation. NOTICE Make sure there is no foreign matter on the battery pack contacts before inserting the battery pack. S-Pede Kit Manual (2016).indd 2015/06/24 9:22:12...
  • Page 30 BATTERY PACK AND CHARGING PROCEDURE Reading the charging status Battery Battery capacity indicator Current Details charger lamp lamps status Lit power lamps indicate the amount of charging completed. A flashing power lamp indicates current progress. During charging, the battery Charging capacity indicator lamps light up one by one.
  • Page 31 BATTERY PACK AND CHARGING PROCEDURE For example, even if normal charging is started, if the battery temperature or the surrounding tem- perature is too high or too low, the charging may be extended or charging may be stopped without the battery being charged sufficiently in order to protect the battery. Charging time guidelines Although charging time varies depending on residual bat- Charging...
  • Page 32: Checking The Residual Battery Capacity

    CHECKING THE RESIDUAL BATTERY CAPACITY You can check the estimate of how much capacity is left in the battery and to what extent it is charged. The check can be performed using either the display unit’s residual battery capacity indi- cator or the battery’s residual battery capacity indicator lamps.
  • Page 33 CHECKING THE RESIDUAL BATTERY CAPACITY Display of the battery capacity indicator lamps and the estimate of the residual battery capacity When checking the residual battery capacity, push the battery capacity indicator button “ ”. Estimate of Display of the battery capacity the residual Applicable situation indicator lamps...
  • Page 34: Pre-Operation Check

    PRE-OPERATION CHECK WARNING Be sure to perform the inspection before riding the bicycle. If there is anything you do not understand or find difficult, please consult a bicycle dealer. NOTICE • If you confirm there is a fault, have your bicycle inspected at a dealer as soon as possi- ble.
  • Page 35: Cleaning And Storage

    CLEANING AND STORAGE NOTICE Do not use high-pressure washers or steam jet clean- ers since they can cause water seepage, resulting in property damage or malfunction of the Drive Unit or display unit or battery pack. Should water get inside one of these units, have an authorized dealer inspect your bicycle.
  • Page 36 CLEANING AND STORAGE Long storage period (1 month or longer) and using it again after a long storage period • When storing the bicycle for a long period (1 month or longer), remove the battery pack and store it using the following procedure.
  • Page 37: Transport

    TRANSPORT The batteries are subject to the Dangerous Goods Legislation requirements. When being transport- ed by third parties (e.g. via air transport or forwarding agency), special requirements on packaging and labels must be observed. To prepare the item for shipping, consult a hazardous materials ex- pert.
  • Page 38: Consumer Information

    CONSUMER INFORMATION Disposal The Drive Unit, battery pack, battery charger, display unit, speed sensor set, accessories and packaging should be sorted for environmental-friendly recycling. Do not dispose of the bicycle or its components as house- hold waste. For EU countries: According to the European Guideline 2012/19/EU, electri- cal devices/tools that are no longer usable, and according to the European Guideline 2006/66/EC, defective or used...
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING E-Bike Systems Symptom Check Action Press the power switch on the display Is the display unit’s unit to turn the power on. power on? Is the battery pack Install a charged battery pack. installed? Is the battery pack Charge the battery pack. charged? Has the bicycle remained stationary for...
  • Page 40 TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom Check Action The speedometer displays “Er”. There could be a problem inside the Drive Unit is malfunctioning. The assist mode Turn on the power to the display unit and indicator and battery then leave it alone for 5 minutes. All capacity indicator indicators will turn off automatically.
  • Page 41 TROUBLESHOOTING Running assist function Symptom Check Action When you press the running assist switch once, the running assist indicator The running assist will come on for five seconds. function does not Press and hold the running assist switch work. again while the running assist indicator is still lit.
  • Page 42 TROUBLESHOOTING Battery pack and charger Symptom Check Action Is the power plug firmly Reconnect and try charging again. connected? Is the If the battery pack still does not charge, charging plug firmly the battery charger might be inserted in the battery malfunctioning.
  • Page 43 TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom Check Action Both side lamps are flashing simultaneously. The battery pack protection feature has been activated and the system cannot be used. Replace the battery pack at an authorized dealer as soon as possible. The battery charger emits abnormal Unplug the charger plug and immediately noises, foul odors or cease operation.
  • Page 44: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Range of assist speed 0 to less than 45 km/h Type Brushless DC type Electric motor Power 500 W Control method depends on Assist power control method pedaling torque and bicycle speed PASB2 Type (Lithium-ion battery) Rated voltage 36 V Battery Rated capacity 11 Ah...
  • Page 45 S-Pede Kit Manual (2016).indd 2015/06/24 9:22:15...
  • Page 46 S-Pede Kit Manual (2016).indd 2015/06/24 9:22:15...
  • Page 47 S-Pede Kit Manual (2016).indd 2015/06/24 9:22:15...
  • Page 48 S-Pede Kit Manual (2016).indd 2015/06/24 9:22:15...

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