Troubleshooting - Yamaha PW series Original Instructions Manual

Display unit (led type)
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E-Bike Systems
The assist mode
lamps, residual
battery capacity lamp,
remaining assist
distance lamp are
flashing in an
alternating pattern (at
intervals of roughly
0.2 seconds).
Or, the assist mode
indicator and battery
capacity indicator are
flashing in an
alternating pattern (at
intervals of 0.5
The display unit shuts
down immediately
(approx. 4 seconds
later) after switching
the power on.
Traveling range has
The assist mode
lamps are flashing.
Assist mode lamp
Are the bicycle's battery
pack connection
terminals dirty?
Are you fully charging
the battery pack?
Are you using the
system under low-
Is the battery pack worn
There could be a problem inside the
Drive Unit is malfunctioning.
Turn on the power to the display unit and
then leave it alone for 5 minutes. All
lamps will turn off automatically. Turn the
power on again.
Remove the battery pack, clean the
bicycle's terminals with a dry cloth or
cotton swab, and then install the battery
pack again.
Charge the battery pack until full (F).
Normal traveling range will be restored
when the ambient temperature rises.
Additionally, storing the battery pack
indoors (in a warm location) before use
will improve traveling range under cold
Replace the battery pack.
These lamps will flash when the speed
sensor is unable to detect a correct
Turn off the power to the display unit and
then turn it on again, select the assist
mode and then ride for a short distance.
Also, make sure the magnet is mounted
correctly on the spokes of the wheels.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents