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Warranty - HP 570M Quickspecs

Ethernet 10gb 2-port


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Standard Features
Optimized for
Intel Virtualization Technology for Connectivity (VT-c) with VMDq and SR-IOV provides I/O Virtualization
support for VMware NetQueue, Microsoft VMQ to help meet the performance demands of consolidated
virtual workloads.
Compliant with Single-Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV), accommodating multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) to
share single PCIe resources. The device is capable of SR-IOV, and requires Software and OS support.
IEEE 1588 & 802.1AS Support hardware-enabled IEEE 1588, a standard that defines PTP (Precision Time Protocol), a high-precision
time protocol for clock synchronization used in measurement and control systems.
PXE Boot Support
Supports the Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) allows the server to boot over the network and
download software residing in the network.
Network Adapter
The HPE 560M adapter support for NIC teaming helps IT administrators increase network fault tolerance and
improve workload balance. These capabilities optimize availability, improve performance and help reduce
The HPE 570M adapter can be administered from HPE Systems Insight Manager (SIM). The adapters can be
managed individually or in teams, providing SNMP based statistics for reporting purposes. The 560M adapter
can also be managed by other applications with SNMP support.
HPE Sea of Sensors
Support for HPE's Sea of Sensors which is a collection of 32 sensors that automatically track thermal activity -
heat - across the server. When temperatures get too high, sensors can kick on fans and make other
adjustments to reduce energy usage. What makes it better is the upgrade from all six fans kicking on at one
time to a new system where only one kicks on - the one in proximity of the area that started heating up - thus
reducing the amount of energy used for cooling.
HPE Active Health
Supports HPE Active Health System monitors and records changes in the server hardware and configuration
enabling customers to have accurate information that will assist in diagnosing problems and delivering rapid
resolution when server failures occur.
The HPE 570M does not support RDMA
The HPE 570M does not support iSCSI


Hewlett Packard Enterprise branded hardware options qualified for BladeSystem c-Class and p-Class servers
network adapter.
Large send offload (LSO), also known as TCP segmentation offload (TSO), allows TCP segmentation
to be handled by the adapter rather than the CPU.
HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 570M Adapter
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents