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Battery; Advice And Precautions; Specifications - Canon F-710 Instruction

Scientific calculator
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Approx. 1,000 hours continuous display. When the display dims, change the
• Keep the battery out of children's reach. If the battery is swallowed,
contact a doctor immediately.
• Do no try to recharge, disassemble or do anything to the battery that
could cause a short circuit.
• Do not expose the battery to high temperatures or open flames.
• Replace new battery to the same position.
• When the battery is replaced or malfunction occurs, push the reset switch
at the rear with a pointed object.
Battery Replacement
Electromagnetic interference or electrostatic discharge may cause the
display to malfunction or the contents of the memory to be
lost or altered. Should this occur, use the tip of a ball
point pen (or similar sharp object) to press the
[RESET] button on the back of the calculator.

Advice and Precautions

• This calculator contains precision components such as LSI chips and
should not be used in places subject to rapid variations in temperature,
excessive humidity dir+ or dust, or exposed to direct sunlight.
• The liquid crystal display panel is made of glass and should not be
subjected to excessive pressure.
• When cleaning the device do not use a damp cloth or a volatile liquid such
as paint thinner. Instead, use only a soft, dry cloth.
• Do not under any circumstances dismantle this device. If you believe that
the calculator is not functioning properly, either bring or mail the device
together with the guarantee to the service representative of a Canon
business office.


Exponential Type ........Mantissa, 10 digits + exponent, 2 digits + sign, 2 digits
Floating Type ..............Mantissa, 10 digits + sign, 1 digit
Calculation Range:
Decimal ......................1 x 10
Auto Power Off ...........Approx. 7 minutes
Power Source: DC 3.0 V/0.065 mW
Lithium battery: Please refer to the product backside.
Usable Temperature: 0 ~ 40C (32F ~104F)
Size: 152(L) x 77(W) x 13(H) mm (5-63/64'' x 3-1/32'' x 33/64'')
Weight: 88g (3.1oz)
* Specfications are subject to change without notice.
For CA, USA Only
Included battery contains perchlorate material - special handling may apply.
See for detail.
~ 9.9999999999 x 10
Approx. 1,000 hours continuous display.
How To Reset
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