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Elements That May Damage The Appliance - Siemens EH8..KU1 SERIES Instruction Manual

Full surface induction cooktop
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A defective appliance may cause electric
shock. Never switch on a defective
appliance. Unplug the appliance from the
mains or switch off the circuit breaker in
the fuse box. Contact the after-sales
Cracks or fractures in the glass ceramic
Risk of electric sh ock !
may cause electric shocks. Switch off the
circuit breaker in the fuse box. Contact the
after-sales service.
Electromagnetic hazards!
This appliance complies with safety and
electromagnetic compatibility standards.
However, people with pacemakers or
insulin pumps must refrain from using this
appliance. It is impossible to ensure that all
of these devices available on the market
comply with current electromagnetic
compatibility standards, and that
interference which may prevent the device
from working correctly will not occur. It is
also possible that people with other types of
devices, such as a hearing aids, could
experience some discomfort.
Malfunction risk!
The hob is equipped with a fan in the lower
section. If there is a drawer under the hob it
should not be used to store small objects or
The following table presents the most common damage caused:
Food spillage
Unsuitable cleaning products
Salt, sugar and sand
Pans with rough bottoms may scratch
the glass ceramic
Unsuitable cleaning products
Contact with pans
Sugar, substances with a high sugar
paper, since they could damage the fan or
interfere with the cooling if they are sucked
into it.
There should be a minimum of 2 cm
between the contents of the drawer and fan
Risk of injury!
When cooking in a bain marie, the hob
and cooking container could shatter due
to overheating. The cooking container in
the bain marie must not directly touch the
bottom of the water-filled pot. Only use
heat-resistant cookware.
Saucepans may suddenly jump due to
Risk of in jury!
liquid between the pan base and the
hotplate. Always keep the hotplate and
saucepan bases dry.

Elements that may damage the appliance

Rough pan bases may scratch the hob.
Avoid leaving empty pots and pans on the hotplate. Doing so
may cause damage.
Do not place hot pans on the control panel, the indicator
area, or the hob frame. Doing so may cause damage.
Hard or pointed objects dropped on the hob may damage it.
Aluminium foil and plastic containers will melt if placed on the
hotplate while it is hot. The use of laminated sheeting is not
recommended on the hob.
Immediately remove spilt food using a glass scraper.
Only use cleaning products specifically designed for glass-ceramic hobs.
Do not use the hob as a tray or working surface.
Check pans.
Only use cleaning products specifically produced for glass-ceramic hobs.
Lift pots and pans before moving them around.
Immediately remove spilt food using a glass scraper.


Table of Contents

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