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Transfer Function; Clock; Setting The Clock; Wipe Protection Function For Cleaning - Siemens EH8..KU1 SERIES Instruction Manual

Full surface induction cooktop
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Transfer function

With this function, you can transfer the settings of one hotplate
to another cooking position.
Place the cookware at another position on the cooking
surface within the duration of the short-term memory. The
new cooking position is detected.
Note: The transfer function is no longer available if you:
make a setting in the meantime (exception: settings on the
cooking position with short-term memory)
move the cookware again


Setting the clock

The hob must be switched on.
Touch the
symbol. The Options menu is displayed.
Touch the "Clock" display area. The time format and the time
set are shown in the display.

Wipe protection function for cleaning

If you wipe over the display while the hob is switched on,
settings may be altered. To prevent this from happening, your
hob has a wipe protection function.
To switch on: touch the
display is locked for 20 seconds. The remaining duration
appears in the display. You can now wipe over the display
without altering any settings.

Child lock

You can use the child lock to prevent children from adjusting
the cooktop.
Note: If a cooking position is switched on, the child lock is not

Switching the child lock on and off

The cooktop must be switched on.
To switch on: Touch the
To switch off: Touch the
display area. The cooktop is unlocked.
Note: There are different settings available for the child lock
(automatic, manual, off). To find out how to change the settings,
see section Options menu.


symbol. A signal sounds. The
symbol. The cooktop is locked.
symbol and then the "Switch off"
Touch the
symbol. The settings have been transferred.

If this symbol appears in the cooking
position display, the settings could not
be transferred fully. Lift the cookware or
move it on the cooking surface. Make
the settings for the cooking position
Select the time format and set the clock with the scroll
Touch the "save" display area at the bottom right. The clock
is set.
Switching off: in order to switch off the wipe protection function
before the time elapses, touch the
"switch off" display area.
Note: The main switch is excluded from the wipe protection
function. You can switch off the hob at any time.

symbol and then the


Table of Contents

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