Siemens EH8 Series Instruction Manual

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  • Page 1 [en] Instruction manual EH8..SM1..
  • Page 2 EH8..SM1.. ‘  ‘  ‘  ‘  ‘  ‘   :  : ‘   :  : ‘   :  : ‘   :  : ,(&  Ø = cm...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table....................10 Frying programs................11 Additional information on products, accessories, replacement Childproof lock ................. 11 parts and services can be found at Activating and deactivating the childproof lock......11 and in the online shop Childproof lock ................. 11 : Safety precautions Please read this manual carefully.
  • Page 4: Elements That May Damage The Appliance

    Penetrating moisture may cause an Risk of fire! ■ electric shock. Do not use any high- Hot oil and fat can ignite very quickly. ■ pressure cleaners or steam cleaners. Never leave hot fat or oil unattended. Never use water to put out burning oil or A defective appliance may cause electric Risk o f electric sho ck! ■...
  • Page 5: Protecting The Environment

    Overview The following table presents the most common damage caused: Damage Cause Measure Stains Food spillage Immediately remove spilt food using a glass scraper. Unsuitable cleaning products Only use cleaning products specifically designed for glass-ceramic hobs. Scratches Salt, sugar and sand Do not use the hob as a tray or working surface.
  • Page 6: Getting To Know Your Appliance

    Characteristics of the pan base Empty pans or those with a thin base The characteristics of the pan base may affect the uniformity of Do not heat empty pans, nor use pans with a thin base. The the cooking results. Pans made from materials which help hob is equipped with an internal safety system.
  • Page 7: Residual Heat Indicator

    Residual heat indicator Although the hob is switched off, the indicator œ • will remain on for as long as the hotplate is hot. The hob has a residual heat indicator for each hotplate to show If the pan is removed before the hotplate is turned off, the those which are still hot.
  • Page 8 Power level Cooking time Slow cooking, simmering Potato dumplings* 4.-5. 20-30 min. Fish* 10-15 min. White sauces (e.g., bechamel) 3-6 min. Whipped sauces (e.g., Bearnaise, Hollandaise) 8-12 min. Boiling, steaming, sautéing Rice (with a double amount of water) 15-30 min. Rice pudding 30-40 min.
  • Page 9: Deep-Frying Function

    Deep-frying function Pans to use with the frying function This function is used for frying on the two side hotplates on the right-hand side, regulating the temperature of the pan. There are pans suited to this function which may be purchased Deep-frying features later as optional accessories, in specialised stores, or through our Technical Assistance Service.
  • Page 10: Table

    Table The table shows which temperature setting is suitable for each The heat setting selected depends on the type of pan used. type of food. The cooking time may vary according to the type, weight, thickness and quality of the food. Temperature Total cooking time after setting...
  • Page 11: Frying Programs

    Frying programs Select the desired program Select the hotplate: These programmes should only be used with pans recommended for the frying function. Press the ˜ symbol. ˜‹ lights up in the hotplate display. The following food can be prepared using these programmes: Slide your finger along the programming panel until the required programme is displayed.
  • Page 12: Time Programming Function

    Time programming function This function may be used in two different ways: Changing or cancelling the time Press the symbol of the desired hotplate. Change the to automatically switch off a hotplate. ■ cooking time in the programming panel, or set to ‹‹...
  • Page 13: Automatic Time Limitation

    Automatic time limitation If the hotplate remains in use for a long time and no changes are made in the settings, the automatic time limitation function is triggered. The hotplate stops heating. The symbol and the residual ” ‰ heat indicator flash alternately in the display.
  • Page 14: Accessing The Basic Settings

    Accessing the basic settings Press the symbol several times until the indicator for the desired function appears on the left of the screen. The hob should be turned off. Then select the desired setting on the programming panel. Turn on the hob with the main switch. Within the next 10 seconds, press the symbol for 4 seconds.
  • Page 15: Normal Noise While The Appliance Is Working

    Indicator Malfunction Solution Electronic system malfunction. Unplug the hob from the mains. Wait about 30 seconds before plug- + number / “§ ging it in again.* š + number / + number ¡ There is an internal error in the operation. Unplug the hob from the mains.
  • Page 16: Tested Dishes

    Tested dishes This table has been prepared for assessment institutions to Saucepan Ø 16 cm, 1.2 l for hotplates of Ø 14.5 cm ■ provide controls for our appliances. Pot Ø 16 cm, 1.7 l for hotplates of Ø 14.5 cm ■...
  • Page 17 Preheating Cooking Tested dishes Hotplate Power level Time (Min:S) Cover Power level Cover Pan-frying pork sirloin Cookware: Frying pan Sirloin initial temperature: 7 °C Ø 18 cm 1:30 2 pieces of sirloin (total weight approx. 200 g, 1 cm thick) Frying crêpes** Cookware: Frying pan Ø...
  • Page 20 Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH BSH Hausgeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München Germany Manufactured by BSH Hausgeräte GmbH under Trademark License of Siemens AG *9000884508* 9000884508 00 930617...

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