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Safety Information; Safety Information For This Appliance; Causes Of Damage - Siemens ET6..EE Series Instruction Manual


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ã=Safety information
Please read this instruction manual carefully. This will enable
you to operate your hob safely and correctly.
Please keep the instruction manual, installation instructions and
the appliance certificate in a safe place. If the appliance
changes owners, this documentation should always be
Check the appliance for damage after unpacking it. Do not
switch on the appliance if it is damaged.

Safety information for this appliance

This appliance is intended for domestic use only. This
appliance must only be used for food preparation. Do not leave
the appliance unattended during operation.
Safe operation
Adults and children must not operate the appliance without
supervision if:
they do not have the physical or mental ability,
or they lack the knowledge and experience required
to operate the appliance correctly.
Overheated oil and fat
Risk of fire!
Overheated oil or fat can ignite very quickly. Never leave hot oil
or fat unattended. Never attempt to extinguish burning fat or oil
with water. Extinguish the flames with a lid or a plate. Switch the
hotplate off.
Hot hotplates
Risk of burning!
Never touch hot hotplates. Small children must be kept at a
safe distance from the hob.
Risk of fire!
Never place combustible items on the hob.
Do not keep combustible objects or aerosol cans in drawers
directly underneath the hob.
The following table provides an overview of the most frequent
kinds of damage:
Food spills
Unsuitable cleaning agents
Salt, sugar and sand
Rough pot and pan bases scratch the
Unsuitable cleaning agents
Pan abrasion (e.g. aluminium)
Sugar, food with a high sugar content Remove spills immediately with a glass scraper.
Wet saucepan bases and hotplates
Risk of injury!
Steam pressure may build up if there is liquid between the
saucepan base and the hotplate. This may cause the pan to
jump suddenly. Always keep the hotplate and saucepan bases
Cracks in the ceramic
Risk of electric shock.!
Switch off the circuit breaker in the fuse box if the ceramic has
fractures, flaws or cracks. Call the after-sales service.
The hotplate heats up but the display does not work
Risk of burning!
Switch off the hotplate if the display is not working. Call the
after-sales service.
The hob switches off automatically
Risk of fire!
If the hob switches itself off and can then no longer be used, it
may unexpectedly switch itself on later. In order to prevent this,
disconnect the hob from the power supply. To do so, switch off
the circuit breaker in the fuse box. Call the after-sales service.
Incorrect repairs
Risk of electric shock.!
Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Switch off the circuit breaker in
the fuse box, if the appliance is faulty. Call the after-sales
service. Repairs may only be carried out by one of our qualified
after-sales engineers.

Causes of damage

Rough pot and pan bases scratch the ceramic.
Avoid boiling pots dry. This may cause damage.
Never place hot pots or pans on the control panel, the
display area or the surround. This may cause damage.
Damage can occur if hard or pointed objects fall on the hob.
Aluminium foil and plastic containers melt on hot hotplates.
Oven protective foil is not suitable for your hob.
Remove spills immediately with a glass scraper.
Only use cleaning agents which are suitable for ceramic
Do not use the hob as a work surface or storage space.
Check your cookware.
Only use cleaning agents which are suitable for ceramic
Lift the pots and pans when moving them.

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