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Facp Programming; Facp Message Assignment - Speaker Specific - Honeywell ECC-50/100 Instruction Manual

Emergency command center, multipurpose emergency voice evacuation panels.
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When using the ACS communication protocol, a monitor module must be wired to TB1 of the
ECC-50/100. Type Code, "MNS EVENT" must be assigned to the monitor module for mass
notification event monitoring. See Figure 2.21 for wiring information.

FACP Programming

The MS-9600(UD)LS and MS-9200UDLS FACPs must be programmed to operate with the ECC-
50/100. The following table summarizes the steps involved in programming the FACPs.
Enable the ACS or ANN-BUS annunciator at FACP
Assign zone(s) to each SLC input device at FACP
Program message to be generated over each speaker circuit at FACP
Activate individual SLC devices to ensure proper programming
Note 1: Zone 32 is assigned to all speaker circuits. If an addressable device programmed to Zone
32 is activated, the message programmed to Zone 32 will be generated to all speaker circuits. The
exception is when one or more devices programmed to Zones 33 through 40 is also activated. If the
newly activated zone is programmed to a message with a higher priority then Zone 32, the higher
priority message will be generated to all circuits.
Note 2: Messages have a priority scheme with Message 1 having the highest priority and Message
14 having the lowest priority. For example, If an addressable device activates a speaker circuit pro-
grammed to generate Message 14, that message will be generated over the selected speaker zone.
If later, another device activates a speaker circuit programmed to generate Message 3, Message 3
has a higher priority then Message 5 and will therefore be generated over both activated speaker
zones. The highest priority message will always be generated over all activated speaker circuits.
Note 3: It is important to note that Message 1 is assigned to Zone 00 (General Alarm) as a default.
A message, however, will not be generated over the speaker circuits unless one of the following
programming steps is completed:
For General Alarm applications, all input points must have an audio zone assigned to it:
Z32 to activate all audio zones
Z33 to Z56 for specific audio zone control
For non-General Alarm applications where input devices and/or messages are mapped to spe-
cific zones, Message 1 must be removed from Zone 00 programming.

FACP Message Assignment - Speaker Specific

The ECC-50/100 has the capability of generating up to fourteen different messages. Any one of the
fourteen messages can be programmed to each of the speaker circuit zones Z32 through Z56.
Example 1: If an addressable device programmed to Zone 35 is activated and no other devices are
active, the message programmed for Zone 35 will be generated over speaker circuit 3.
Addressable Pull Station
Example 2: If an addressable device (address 09 in example below) programmed to Zone 35 is
activated and a second addressable device (address 15 in example below) programmed to Zone 36
is activated, the highest priority message programmed to either Zone 35 or Zone 36 (Message 3 in
Table 3.3 FACP Programming Steps
Programmed to
Zone 35
Message 3
Emergency Command Center Manual — P/N LS10001-000FL-E:G 5/3/2016
Programmed Activation by FACP
refer to FACP manual Option Module Programming
refer to FACP manual Point Programming
refer to Message Assignment in following section
compare to desired programming
Speaker Circuit 3


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