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Honeywell ECC-50/100 Instruction Manual Page 62

Emergency command center, multipurpose emergency voice evacuation panels.
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Event Priority When Combo or Mass Notification is selected for Unit Operation, select whether
Mass Notification events or Fire Evacuation events will take priority in the system. If Mass Notifi-
cation is selected as the Unit Operation with the Event Priority set to Fire Evacuation, the ECC will
be a mass notification only system but will allow the FACP to override it if a fire alarm sounds. If
Mass Notification is selected as the Unit Operation with the Event Priority also set to Mass Notifi-
cation, the ECC will not have any fire evacuation capabilities and will report mass notification
events to the FACP. In this configuration, FACP outputs can be turned off for mass notification
events if desired.
FACP Data Bus Control If an FACP will directly communicate with the ECC, select which
communication protocol will be used, ACS-Bus or ANN-Bus.
FACP Data Bus Address This field has no effect on programming and is used for informa-
tional purposes only. When using the FACP ACS-bus protocol, address 01 must be enabled in the
FACP programming. When using the ANN-Bus protocol, the FACP will automatically detect the
audio system connection during annunciator auto-configuration. No ANN-Bus address selection is
necessary at the FACP. Enter the ECC's address (1-8) here. If FACP control of the ECC is not
selected, enter 0.
24 Hour Resound As enabled (default), the 24 Hour Resound feature causes the piezo on the
ECC to sound a reminder 'beep' for alarms and troubles after the panel has been silenced.
Canadian Configuration Selecting enable will configure the panel to comply with Canadian
requirements. See Appendix C for more information.
Class A / Style Z Select enable if all circuits on the ECC will operate in Class A (Style Z) or dis-
abled if all circuits will operate in Class B (Style Y).
Canadian Isolator Modules If audio isolator modules are required in the system, select
enabled. Refer to "Audio Room Isolator Modules" on page 103 for more information.
AC Loss Delay The reporting of a loss of AC power using the AC Loss relay output can be
delayed by programming the length of the desired delay. The factory default setting is 2 hours.
Options are 0, 2, 6, 12, or 23 hours.
Secondary Amplifier if an ECC-50W-25/70V is installed, select whether it will be used as a
backup amplifier or for secondary speaker circuits. If an ECC-50W-25/70V is not installed, select
Primary Amp 70 VAC This field has no effect on programming and is used for informational
purposes only. The system can be converted from 25V to 70V by installing the ECC-XRM-70V. If
this transformer has been installed, be sure that SW5 on the main control board has been set to
"70V" operation. Use this field to record the amplifier's settings.
Secondary Amp 70 VAC This field has no effect on programming and is used for informational
purposes only. When the ECC-XRM-70V has been installed and a secondary amplified is required,
model number ECC-50W-70V must be used. Use this field to record which model has been
installed in the system.
External Audio Input If there is a permanent connection to TB5 on the display board, select
whether the external audio input will function as Background Music or External Paging - Night
Ring. See Section 4.4.15 for more information.
IP Address The default IP address of can be changed to another address with num-
bers from 0-255. Changing the IP address is suggested for a higher level of security on the system's
programming. This number should be written down and stored in a safe location.
Identification Enter a label for this ECC system. Up to 80 character may be entered.
Emergency Command Center Manual — P/N LS10001-000FL-E:G 5/3/2016
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