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Service - Siemens EC945RB91A User Instructions

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Due to the high temperatures endured, the wok burner and the
stainless steel zones (grease drip tray, burner outline, etc.) can
change colour. This is normal. After each use, clean these
areas with a product that is suitable for stainless steel.
It is recommended that the cleaning product available from our
Technical Assistance Service (code 464524) is used regularly.


Only authorized personnel from the Service Centre are qualified
to work on the appliance.
The general electrical sys-
tem is malfunctioning.
The automatic switching
on function does not work.
The burner flame is not uni-
The gas flow is not normal
or there is no gas.
The kitchen smells of gas. A gas tap has been left on.
The burner immediately
switches off after releasing
the control knob.
Any of the following are considered to be abnormal operation
and may require servicing:
Yellow tipping of the cooktop burner flame.
Sooting up of cooking utensils.
Burners not lighting properly.
Gas valves, which are difficult to turn in case the appliance fails
to operate correctly, contact the authorised service provider in
your area.
Possible cause
Defective fuse.
The automatic safety switch or circuit breaker has
There may be food or cleaning products stuck
between the ignition sparkers and the burners.
The burners are wet.
The burner caps are not correctly positioned.
The appliance is not earthed, is poorly connected
or the earthing is faulty.
The burner components are not correctly posi-
The grooves on the burner are dirty.
The gas supply is blocked by gas taps.
If the gas is supplied from a gas cylinder, check
that it is not empty.
Incorrect coupling of gas cylinder.
Possible gas leak.
The control knob was not held down for long
The grooves on the burner are dirty.
The stainless steel cleaner must not be used in the area around
the controls. The (printed) symbols may be wiped off.
Sometimes certain faults detected can be easily resolved.
Before calling the Technical Assistance Service, bear in mind
the following advice:
Check the fuse in the main fuse box and change it
if it is damaged.
Check the main control panel to see if the auto-
matic safety switch or circuit breaker has tripped.
The space between the ignition sparker and the
burner must be clean.
Dry the burner caps carefully.
Check that the burner caps are correctly posi-
Contact the installation technician.
Correctly place the parts on the appropriate
Clean the grooves on the burner.
Open all gas taps.
Change the gas cylinder.
Turn off the taps.
Check that the coupling is sound.
Shut off the gas supply, ventilate the premises and
immediately notify an authorised installation techni-
cian to check and certify the installation. Do not
use the appliance until ensuring that there is no
gas leak in the installation or appliance itself.
Once the burner is on, hold the control knob down
a few seconds longer.
Clean the grooves on the burner.