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Operation - Siemens EC945RB91A User Instructions

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There are indications to show which burner each control knob
It is essential to ensure that all the burner parts and pan
supports are correctly installed for the appliance to work
correctly. Do not swap the burner caps around.
Switching on automatically
If your hob can be switched on automatically (ignition
Press the chosen burner control knob and turn it
anticlockwise to the maximum power setting.
While the control knob is still pressed down, sparks are
produced on all burners. The flame ignites.
Release the control knob.
Turn the control knob to the required setting.
If it does not come on, turn the control knob to the off setting
and repeat the steps above. This time, press and hold the
control knob for longer (up to 10 seconds).
Risk of deflagration!
If after 15 seconds the flame does not ignite, switch off the
burner and open a nearby window or door. Wait at least one
minute before trying to switch the burner back on.
Safety system
Depending on the model, your hob may have a safety system
(thermocouple) that prevents the flow of gas if the burners
accidentally switch off.
To ensure that this device is active:
Switch on the burner as usual.
Without releasing the control knob, press and hold it down
firmly for 4 seconds after lighting the flame.
Switching off a burner
Turn the corresponding control knob clockwise to the 0 setting.
Power levels
The progressive control knobs can be used to control the
power needed, from minimum to maximum power.
Control knob off
Large flame
Maximum capacity or aperture and elec-
tricity on
Economy flame
Minimum capacity or aperture
For dual double-flame burners, the inner and outer flames can
be controlled separately. The available power levels are as
It is normal to hear a soft whistling noise while the burner is
When first used, it is normal for the burner to give off odours.
This does not pose any risk and does not indicate a
malfunction. They will disappear in time.
An orange-coloured flame is normal. This is caused by the
presence of dust in the atmosphere, spilt liquids, etc.
If the burner flames are accidentally blown out, switch off the
burner operating control knob and do not try to relight it for at
least 1 minute.
A few seconds after the burner is switched off, a sound (thud)
will be produced. This is not a fault - this means that the safety
device is no longer operating.
Keep the burner as clean as possible. If the ignition sparkers
are dirty they will not light properly. Clean them periodically
using a small non-wire brush. Bear in mind that the ignition
sparkers must not suffer any serious impacts.
Use "Large" setting to bring the pan to the boil, then adjust the
flame between "Large flame" and "Economy flame" to maintain
the required pan temperature.
The use of a cooktop leads to the production of heat and
moisture in the kitchen. For this reason make sure that the
room is properly ventilated. Keep natural ventilation openings,
such as windows, open or provide a mechanical ventilation
device (e.g. a range hood or overhead exhaust fan). An orangy
Inner and outer flame on full
Outer flame on minimum, inner
flame on full power.
Inner flame on full power.
Inner flame on minimum