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Cleaning And Care; Ceramic; Hob Surround; Rectifying Faults - Siemens ET6..EE Series Instruction Manual


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Cleaning and care

The information in this section provides help on how best to
care for your hob.
Suitable maintenance and cleaning products can be purchased
from the after-sales service or in our e-Shop.


Clean the hob after each use. This will prevent spills from
burning onto the ceramic.
Only clean the hob when it has cooled down sufficiently.
Use only cleaning agents which are suitable for ceramic. Follow
the cleaning instructions on the packaging.
Never use:
Undiluted washing-up liquid
Detergent intended for dishwashers
Scouring agents

Rectifying faults

Malfunctions often have simple explanations. Please read the
following notes before calling the after-sales service.
There is no power supply.
The controls are damp or an object is
is flash-
resting on them.
Electronic fault.
The electronics have overheated and
have switched off the corresponding
The electronics have overheated and
have switched off all hotplates.
The hotplate was in operation for too
long and has switched itself off.
* Do not place hot pans close to or on the control panel

After-sales service

Our after-sales service is there for you if your appliance should
need to be repaired. We are committed fo find the best solution
also in order to avoid an unnecessary call-out.
E number and FD number:
Please quote the E number (product number) and the FD
number (production number) of your appliance when
contacting the after-sales service. The rating plate bearing
these numbers can be found on the appliance certificate.
Please note that a visit from an after-sales service engineer is
not free of charge, even during the warranty period.
Please find the contact data of all countries in the enclosed
customer service list.
Harsh cleaning agents such as oven spray or stain remover
Abrasive sponges
High-pressure cleaners or steam jet cleaners
Ground-in dirt can be best removed with a glass scraper,
available from retailers. Please note the manufacturer's
You can also obtain a suitable glass scraper from our after-
sales service or from the e-Shop.

Hob surround

To prevent damage to the hob surround, please observe the
following instructions:
Use only warm, soapy water.
Do not use harsh or abrasive agents.
Do not use the glass scraper.
Check the household fuse for the appliance. Check whether there is a power
cut by trying other electronic appliances.
Dry the controls or remove the object.
Switch the appliance off and back on again after about 30 seconds using
either the household fuse or the circuit breaker in the fuse box. Contact the
after-sales service if this appears in the display again.
Wait until the electronics have cooled down sufficiently. Then touch a control
for the hotplate.*
Wait until the electronics have cooled down sufficiently. Then touch any con-
You can switch the hotplate back on again immediately.
To book an engineer visit and product advice
0844 8928999
Calls from a BT landline will be charged at up to
3 pence per minute. A call set-up fee of up to 6 pence
may apply.
01450 2655
Trust the expertise of the manufacturer, and rest assured that
the repair will be carried out by trained service technicians
using original spare parts for your domestic appliance.

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Table of Contents

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