Honda Paice Setter PS260S Operator's Manual

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Please also refer to engine manufacturer's instructions.
Contact your dealer or manufacturer if you have a
question that is not answered in this manual.
Keep this manual safe for future reference.



  Summary of Contents for Honda Paice Setter PS260S

  • Page 1 PaiceSetter Brushcutter PS260S Operator’s manual READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE Please also refer to engine manufacturer’s instructions. Contact your dealer or manufacturer if you have a question that is not answered in this manual. OBSERVE SAFETY REGULATIONS Keep this manual safe for future reference.
  • Page 2 E C Declaration of Conformity Meetens Industrial Engines Ltd., of Unit 2, Eclipse Trading Estate, 30 West Hill, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8JD as manufacturer, certifies that the machinery stipulated below complies with all the relevant provisions of the: EC Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and other relevant directives and the National Laws and Regulations adopting this directive.
  • Page 3: Safety Warnings And Definitions

    SAFETY WARNINGS AND DEFINITIONS SAFETY ALERT SYMBOL This is the Safety Alert symbol. When you see this symbol in this manual, be alert to the potential of personal injury. When accompanied by the words ‘CAUTION’ and ‘WARNING’, it calls your attention to items or operations which can lead to serious injury.
  • Page 4: Safety Rules And Precautions

    SAFETY RULES AND PRECAUTIONS Read the Operator’s Manual carefully. Be familiar with the controls and the proper use of the unit. Know how to shut the unit off and how to unhook a harnessed unit quickly. DRESS WARNING: to avoid serious injury There is a risk of eye damage from thrown objects.
  • Page 5 SAFETY RULES AND PRECAUTIONS STRICTLY NO FIRE WARNING: to avoid serious injury Handle petrol with care. It is highly flammable. Move at least 3 metres away from the fuelling point before starting engine. DO NOT move the fuel tank cap when the engine is still warm or running.
  • Page 6 NEVER operate the unit without proper guards, shields or other safety protective devices in place and properly connected. Inspect to determine that these safety devices are installed properly, are in good condition and operate properly. If the condition or operation of these devices are abnormal, they must be repaired or replaced before using the unit.
  • Page 7 WARNING: to avoid serious injury Blade thrust may occur when the spinning blade contacts a solid object in the critical area. A dangerous reaction may occur causing the entire unit and operator to be thrust violently. This reaction is called BLADE THRUST. As a result, the critical area operator may lose control of the unit which may cause serious or fatal injury.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Safety Warnings and Definitions ....3 Safety Rules and Precautions ....4 SECTION 1 - OPERATION Preparing for Operation .
  • Page 9: Section 1 - Operation

  • Page 10: Preparing For Operation

    2. Check the air cleaner for dirt and clean before operation. 3. Check to ensure that safety guard is securely in place. 4. Prior to operating Honda 4-stroke engines, check the oil level and continue to check after every 10 hours of operation; top up as necessary.
  • Page 11: Starting And Stopping The Engine

    STARTING & STOPPING THE ENGINE NOTE The follow information is only a guide. For definitive instructions regarding the engine, always refer to the engine manufacturer’s instructions. Starting (Before starting, see Safety Rules on page 4) CAUTION Release the lock lever before operating the half throttle button.
  • Page 12 CAUTION: to avoid serious injury The cutter blade or nylon cutting head should not rotate when the throttle lever is fully released and the engine returned to low speed (idle). If necessary, adjust the idle RPM using the idle adjusting screw (page 13).
  • Page 13: Adjustments

    CARBURETTOR ADJUSTMENT For details of carburettor adjustment, please refer to the engine manufacturer’s instructions supplied with your main pipe assembly. CAUTION Adjustment of the carburettor is not usually necessary, since it is adjusted to the optimum position when delivered from the factory.
  • Page 14: Correct Handling Of The Machine

    CORRECT HANDLING OF MACHINE Attaching the shoulder harness Put on the shoulder harness and connect the buckle, ensuring that it is properly fastened. Attach the brushcutter to the harness and adjust the strap length so that the cutter blade or the nylon cutting head will be kept parallel to the ground.
  • Page 15: Working Methods

    WORKING METHODS WARNING: to avoid serious injury Always wear safety goggles, safety shoes, gloves and helmet whenever operating the machine. Nylon cutter Pull out the cord of the nylon cutter by 12-15cm. Blade Blades can be sharpest from the edge to one third up the shaft.
  • Page 16: Preventing Kickback

    WORKING METHODS (continued) Kickback WARNING: risk of serious injury When operating the brushcutter, uncontrolled kickback may occur. Kickback can occur particularly when attempting to cut within a blade segment between 12 and 2 o’clock. NEVER apply the brushcutter within a segment between 12 and 2 o’clock.
  • Page 17: Regular Maintenance

    REGULAR MAINTENANCE CHART Note Before After Every Every Every work work 25 hrs 100 hrs month COMPLETE UNIT ★ Visual inspection ★ Clean CUTTING TOOL* ★ Inspect cutters ★ ★ Check tightness THROTTLE Check operation of trigger, ★ ignition switch & throttle lock BOLTS ★...
  • Page 18: Before Operation

    REGULAR MAINTENANCE NOTES For engine maintenance details, please refer to the engine manufacturer’s instructions. 1. Before operation Check the machine for loose screws or missing parts. Pay particular attention to the tightness of the cutter blade. (See page 23 - ‘Installation of cutter’.) Always check for clogging of the cooling air passage and the cylinder fins.
  • Page 19: Selection Of Rotary Cutters

    6. Checking the spark plug The spark plug may gather carbon deposits on its firing end with reasonable use. Remove and inspect the spark plug every 25 hours and clean the electrodes as necessary with a wire brush. For the correct spark plug gap, please refer to the engine manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Page 20: Storage

    STORAGE When storing the machine for a long time, drain fuel from the fuel tank and carburettor as follows: Drain all fuel from the fuel tank. Give a gentle push on the primer pump repeatedly until all fuel is expelled out of the primer pump.
  • Page 21: Installation

  • Page 22: Installation Of Engine

    3. Slide inner throttle cable into carburettor throttle arm. 4. Adjust the play of the throttle wire as detailed below. 5. Connect ignition wires. ref. Honda GX25 In essence the procedure is the same as listed above with the exception of the method of fixing the brushcutter cable adjuster.
  • Page 23: Installation Of Cutter

    STOP Installation of cutter ▲ CAUTION: to avoid serious injury Blade is sharp. Please handle carefully to avoid injury. BLADE 1. Assemble parts in the following order: holder A, blade, holder B, guard, fastening nut. 2. In order to lock the rotation of the spline shaft, align the holes (x) of gear case and holder A and insert bar blade wrench.
  • Page 24 NOTES...
  • Page 25: Parts Specifications

  • Page 28 PARTS DIAGRAM MODEL: PS-260 S Representation only - not to scale...
  • Page 29: Parts List

    PSS-1404 Loop Handle Set, Ergonomic (includes Anti-Vib Grip) PSS-1504 Throttle Lever Assembly (includes throttle cable) PSPB-1804 4T Plastic Blade 255mm (25.4) (Subject to Specification) PS26-1904 Shoulder Harness Assembly PSG-1604 Goggle (CE) GX25 HONDA 4 Stroke 25cc Over-head Valve Petrol Engine...
  • Page 30 NOTES...
  • Page 31: Limited Warranty

    LIMITED WARRANTY Should any failure occur with the product under normal operating conditions within the applicable warranty period, the failed part will be replaced or repaired free of charge by your authorised dealer. WARRANTY PERIOD: Main pipe assembly: 2 years from the date of initial purchase. Engine: All engines supplied with these brushcutters are covered by the appropriate engine manufacturer’s...
  • Page 32 ENGINE: GX25 ENGINE SERIAL No.: VIBRATION: Please keep the information on this page safe and refer to these details in 4.5(L) - 5.1(R) the event of any queries. Purchaser’s Name: Address Postcode: Dealer: date of purchase: ....Meetens Industrial Engines Limited Manufactured and distributed by:...