Important Installation Safety Instructions - Miele CS 1322 Installation Instructions Manual

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Note to the installer:
Please leave this instruction book
with the consumer for the local
electrical inspector's use.
The minimum distances given in
these Installation Instructions must
be observed in order to ensure safe
operation. Failure to do so increases
the risk of fire.
The cabinetry and venting hood
should be installed first to prevent
damage to the appliance.
The countertop must be bonded
with heat resistant (212 °F/100 °C)
adhesive to prevent distortion or
The wall strips must be heat-resistant
as well.
To eliminate the risk of burns or fire
by reaching over heated surfaces
cabinet storage space above the
appliance should be avoided. If cabinet
storage is necessary, the risk can be
reduced by installing a venting hood to
project horizontally a minimum of 5"
(127 mm) beyond the bottom of the
This appliance must not be used in
a non-stationary location (e.g. on a
You must ensure the power cable
for the appliance will not come under
any mechanical strain once installed
e.g., while the water is draining.
Be sure that after installation the
power cord does not come into contact
with any parts of the appliance which
may become hot.
The appliance must not be
permanently sealed into the countertop
when installed. The sealing strip under
the edge of the appliance provides a
sufficient seal for the countertop. See
Keep this instruction book in a safe
place for reference and pass it on to
any future user.



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