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Watching 3d Video - Samsung UF7000-XH User Manual

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The working distance depends on the existence
of obstacles (a person, metal, walls, etc.) between
the glasses and the TV and the strength of the
Bluetooth signal.
Turn off the 3D glasses while they are not in use.
If you leave the 3D glasses on, the battery lifespan
Pairing steps
1. Turn on the TV, and then move the glasses within
19.5 inches of the TV.
2. Press the power button on the 3D glasses briefly.
The 3D glasses will power on and pairing will start.
3. The message "3D glasses are connected to TV." will
be displayed on the TV screen when the pairing is
successfully completed.
• If pairing fails, the 3D glasses will power off.
• If the first attempt to pair fails, power the TV off
and on again and perform step 2.
• How to pair again: Press the power button on
the 3D glasses for more than 1 second.
If you encounter...
My 3D glasses do not work.
The LED keeps blinking
Specifications (Model Number: SSG-5100GB )
Power consumption
Operating conditions
Product specifications may be changed without notice in order to enhance product performance.
The continuous operating time may differ depending on the wireless communication environment and usage
[ Recommendation ]- EU ONLY
[UF7000-XH]BN68-04851G-04L16.indb 17
Try this...
Replace the battery.
The 3D glasses should be close to the TV. Make sure that the distance between the TV and your 3D
glasses is less than 19.5 feet (6m) in a straight line.
Check the 3D function settings of your TV.
The battery is dead. Replace the battery.
Liquid crystal
2 ~ 6m (6.5 to 19.5 ft)
operating distance
21.5g/.76 oz. (including the battery: 24.0±0.5g/.85.±.018oz. )
One 3V lithium/manganese dioxide battery 3V(CR2025)
0.85mA (Average)
Operating time
Operating temperature 50 °F ~ 104 °F (10°C ~ 40°C)
Custody temperature
-4 °F ~ 113 °F (-20°C ~ 45°C)
Hereby, Samsung Electronics, declares that this 3D Active Glasses is in compliance with the
essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
This equipment may be operated in all EU countries.
Pairing is needed again in the following
• If the 3D glasses do not function, even when the
power button is pressed, especially with a 3D TV
after a repair.
• If you want to play 3D content on another
Samsung 3D TV model that belongs to the D, E,
or F series released in 2011 through 2013. You
must pair the glasses with the other TV.

Watching 3D Video

Some 3D modes may not be available depending on the
format of the image source.
To watch in 3D, you must wear 3D Active Glasses and
turn the glasses on by pressing the power button.
1. Go to the 3D screen. (Picture > 3D)
2. Select the 3D Mode. The 3D Mode screen appears.
3. Set the 3D Mode of the image you want to view.
Field Rate
165mAh, 3.0V (CR2025)
150 hours
English - 17
120 fields/second


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