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20 | KTS 530 / KTS 540 / KTS 570 | Description of unit
Notes concerning the multimeter and
Danger from high voltage!
If measurements are tak en without a
ground lead, potentially deadly voltages can
be generated.
If no diagnosis cable is connected, a
ground connection is to be made from
the KTS modules before making any V-, R-
or I-measurements (Fig. 1, Item 2) made
connection to vehicle ground with the
ground cable provided!
Connect the ground cable as close as
possible to the measurement object!
Use KTS modules only on the vehicle and
not for measurements for voltages > 60 volts!
Do not perform any measurements on
ignition systems!
Only use the accompanying measuring
cables with touch protection!
Always insert measuring cables in the
KTS modules first and then into the vehicle!
Do not route unshielded measuring cables
close to high-power sources of interference,
such as e.g. ignition cables!
To prevent KTS 570 failure, before calling menu
point "Oscilloscope", measurement input CH1(–)
must be connected with vehicle ground. In menu
point "Oscilloscope", measuring input CH1(–) and
measuring input ground are connected internally
(floating measurement, see chap. 5.5 ).

Firmware update

After an update of ESI[tronic], the firmware of
the KTS modules is updated automatically when the
controller diagnosis is started.
To update the firmware, supply the KTS module
using the supplied power supply and connect to the
PC/Laptop using the USB connection cable. During
the firmware update, the USB connection is not to
be interrupted. The firmware update can also be
done using DDC (Diagnostic Device Configuration)
(see Online help DDC).
The firmware update must always be done using the
USB connection cable (not via Bluetooth) with the
KTS 540 and KTS 570.
1 689 979 987

Notes concerning faults


Diagnosis hardware has not been found.

When the control unit diagnosis software was started
or during communication with the control unit, no dia-
gnosis so diagnosis hardware (KTS module) was found.
The fault message "Connect diagnosis hardware and
supply it with ex ternal voltage" or "Wireless connec-
tion to the KTS module is faulty".
P ossible causes
What can you do
No external vol-
Check whether the KTS module has
tage supply.
an external voltage supply (pow-
er pack or OBD diagnostics cable).
LED B on the KTS modu-
le must be flashing green.
KTS module not
1. Terminate ESI[tronic] and
active or incorrect-
control unit diagnosis.
ly configured.
2. Start the DDC ("Start >> Set-
tings >> Control panel").
3. In the DDC, check whether the
KTS module is correctly confi-
gured and has been activated.
4. Finally, test the KTS module.
Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth manager symbol
faulty or non-existent.
flashing white or white/green
1. Reduce the gap between
the Bluetooth USB adap-
ter and the KTS module.
2. Test the KTS module in the DDC.
3. If the Bluetooth connection does
not test OK, initialize Bluetooth
drivers (see Chapter 2.8.3).
4. Reboot PC/laptop.
No Bluetooth USB
Bluetooth manager symbol
1. Plug in the Bluetooth USB adapter.
2. Re-start the control unit diagnosis.

No communication with the control unit

During the control unit diagnosis, the following fault
message appears: "No communication with the control
unit. Adapter lead connected? "
P ossible causes
What can you do
Incorrect lead
Check if the correct lead has been used.
Incorrect PIN se-
Consult the SD Help function to
lected in the mul-
see which PIN must be used.
tiplexer menu.
Measures for other possible faults are described in
chapters 1.6, 2.5.3 and 2.6.2.
If problems of a different nature occur, please con-
tact the ESI[tronic] service hotline directly.
Bosch Diagnostics

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