O P Er A Tor Instr U C Tions; Im Portant Notes; Safety Instructions; E Lectrom Ag Netic Com Patib Ility ( E Mc) - Bosch KTS 530 Operator Instructions Manual

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O p er a tor instr u c tions


Im portant notes

Important notes on the agreement pertaining to copy-
right, liability and warranty, about the user group and
obligation on the part of the contractor, are available in
the separate instructions entitled "Important notes and
safety instructions" on Bosch test equipment. These are
to be read thoroughly before using, connecting and op-
erating the product and they must be observed.

Safety instructions

All safety instructions are available in the separate in-
structions "Important notes and safety instructions" on
Bosch test equipment. These are to be read thoroughly
before using, connecting and operating the product and
they must be observed.

E lectrom ag netic com patib ility ( E MC)

This product is a Class A product in accordance with
EN 55 022.
This product can cause radio interference in the
home; in this case the operator may be asked to
implement appropriate measures.


This product is sub ject to E uropean g uide-
lines 2002/9 6/E G ( W E E E ) .
O ld e le ctr ical and e le ctronic d e v ice s, inclu d ing
cab le s and acce ssor ie s or b atte r ie s m u st b e
d isp ose d of se p ar ate to hou se hold w aste .
Please use the return and collection sys-
tems in place for disposal in your area.
Damage to the environment and hazards to
personal health are prevented by properly
disposing of old equipment.

B luetooth lim itations

There are limitations in the following countries
(e. g. Bluetooth modules may only be used in enclosed
rooms) when operating Bluetooth Class 1 modules:
Egypt, France, J ordan, Pakistan, Peru, Saudi-Arabia,
Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey.
In the following countries,
are to be used (Status: March 2006):
Algeria, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Burma, Georgia, Guatemala,
Cambodia, Q atar, North K orea, Senegal, South Africa,
Syria, United Arab Emirates, W est Sahara.
Bosch Diagnostics
Operator instructions | KTS 530 / KTS 540 / KTS 570 | 15
Bluetooth modules
Im portant info rm ation reg arding
B luetooth
Bluetooth is a wireless connection in the unlicensed
2.4 Ghz-ISM-Band (ISM: Industrial, Scientific, Medical).
This frequency range is not subject to any governmental
laws and may be used in most countries without a license
(Ex ceptions are found in chap. 1.5). This results in many
applications and devices transmitting on this frequency
band however. This can cause frequency interference
between these devices.
Depending on the environmental conditions, disturbance
can occur in the Bluetooth connection, e. g. in W LAN
connections (W LAN: W ireless Local Area Network),
wireless telephones, radio-controlled thermometers,
radio-controlled garage door openers, radio-controlled
light switches or radio-controlled alarm systems.
Bluetooth can lead to interference in the bandwidth
of the W LAN-network. The antennas of Bluetooth and
W LAN devices should be positioned at least 30 centi-
meters apart. Bluetooth-USB adapters and W LAN must
not be placed in adjacent USB sockets in the PC/Lap-
top. A USB ex tension cable (special accessories) should
be used to ensure that the Bluetooth-USB adapter is
separate from the W LAN stick.
Generally, people who wear a pacemaker or other
essential electronic device should ex ercise ex treme
caution when using wireless technology, as it may
impair the function of their particular device.
Note the following to ensure that your connectivity is as
good as possible:
The Bluetooth wireless signal always looks for the
shortest path. Set up a PC/Laptop with Bluetooth
USB adapter so that there are as few obstacles,
such as e. g. steel doors and concrete walls, that
could disturbed the radio signal to and from the
K TS 540 or K TS 570 as possible.
If the PC is in a Bosch trolley (e. g. FSA 740, BEA 850),
the Bluetooth USB adapter should be positioned
outside of the trolley using a USB ex tension cable.
Use USB ex tension cable (special accessory)
1 684 465 564 (1 m) or 1 684 465 565 (3 m).
If there are problems with the Bluetooth connection,
you can activate the USB connection and use it in-
stead of the Bluetooth connection.
1 689 979 987

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