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Collision Detection - HP f890g User Manual

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3.4.4 Collision Detection

If the Collision Detection function is enabled, this camcorder begins
emergency recording once it detects any collision. Sensitivity of the
Collision Detection function is set to medium by default, if user wants to
change the settings of Collision Detection, do the following:
Press the
Press the
then press the
entering function menu.
Press the
change the sensitivity of this
camcorder's collision detection
(High Sensitivity / Normal
Sensitivity / Low Sensitivity / Off),
and then press the
button for entering function
Press the
1. The emergency recording file is created as a new file, which will be protected to
avoid being overwritten by normal cycling recording. If record interval time is set
as1 minute, a memory card can save up to 20 emergency video files, and save up to
10 emergency video files if record interval time is set as 3 minutes.
2. The alert message of "Emergency files are full" will pop up on the screen when the
emergency recording folder is full, and the later emergency files will be saved in the
Normal Video folder which will be over written if memory is full. Thus, if you want to
keep newest emergency video file, please manually delete the oldest files in the
emergency video folder to release more space. Please refer to File Deletion ( 4.2).
button to enter the OSD menu.
button to select Collision Detection, and
button for
button to
button return to recording screen.