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Connecting To Power - HP f890g User Manual

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2.3 Connecting to Power

Use only the attached power connector for activating the camcorder and
charging the built-in battery.
Connect one end of power connector to power connector port on the
camcorder. USB port input: DC 5V / 1.0A.
Plug the other end of the car adapter to the cigarette lighter socket
of your vehicle. Once the vehicle engine is started, the camcorder
automatically turns on. Car charger input: DC 12 / 24V.
Please measure front windshield viewing area, so as not to block the driver's field of
view, and install the camcorder under the driving mirror (upper central of the front
windshield). And we recommend that the sky and the land occupied by 50% in the
recording screen, please adjust the camcorder so that the alignment icon is aligning
the driving lane. Proper installation enables the camcorder to maximize the efficiency
and improve the accuracy of LDWS.