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Getting Started; Storage Media; Insert The Memory Card; Remove The Memory Card - HP f890g User Manual

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2 Getting Started

2.1 Storage Media

2.1.1 Insert the Memory Card

Insert memory card with the pins facing forward and the screen of the
camcorder facing forward too, see the picture as below:
Also, insert the SD card into the camcorder until the lock can be smoothly
slid. Card will be protruding in normal use, and damage may occur if
pressed too hard. Please read the instructions carefully on the screen

2.1.2 Remove the Memory Card

If the camcorder is power on, please power off first and wait for the
procedure of switching off the camcorder completed before removing
the memory card. Please refer Manual Power On/Off ( 2.5.2).
1. Do not remove or insert the memory card when the camcorder is turned on. This
may damage the memory card.
2. Support SDHC class 10 and memory storage 16GB or above (support up to 32GB).
3. Please format the microSD cards before the initial use. The formatted file type for
this camcorder is FAT32 file.