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Cutting Equipment - Husqvarna 143RII Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
under the heading Adjusting the harness and brush
Check that the harness straps are correctly positioned.
Once the harness and machine have been adjusted,
check that the harness quick release works correctly.
The muffler is designed to keep noise levels to a minimum
and to direct exhaust fumes away from the user.
Never use a machine that has a faulty muffler.
Regularly check that the muffler is securely attached to
the machine.
WARNING! The inside of the muffler
contain chemicals that may be
carcinogenic. Avoid contact with these
elements in the event of a damaged
WARNING! Bear in mind that: The
exhaust fumes from the engine are hot
and may contain sparks which can start
a fire. Never start the machine indoors or
near combustible material!
Locking nut
A locking nut is used to secure some types of cutting
When fitting, tighten the nut in the opposite direction to the
direction of rotation of the cutting attachment. To remove
it, undo the nut in the same direction as the cutting
attachment rotates. (CAUTION! The nut has a left-hand
thread.) Tighten the nut using the socket spanner.
The nylon lining inside the locking nut must not be so worn
that you can turn it by hand. The lining should offer a
resistance of at least 1.5 Nm. The nut should be replaced
after it has been put on approx. 10 times.

Cutting equipment

This section describes how to choose and maintain your
cutting equipment in order to:
Reduce the risk of blade thrust.
Obtain maximum cutting performance.
Extend the life of cutting equipment.
Only use cutting attachments with the guards we
recommend! See the chapter on Technical data.
Refer to the instructions for the cutting attachment to
check the correct way to load the cord and the correct
cord diameter.
Keep the teeth of the blade correctly sharpened! Follow
our recommendations. Also refer to the instructions on
the blade packaging.


Table of Contents

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