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Ice Maker (shown Here With Cover Off) - Viking FDBB5361 Service Manual

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To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury, or death, disconnect electrical power source to unit, unless
test procedures require power to be connected. Ensure all ground wires are connected before certifying unit as
repaired and/or operational.

Ice Maker (shown here with cover off)

The unit uses an ice maker that consists
of a mold heater, thermostat, motor, and
wire harness. The ice maker always starts
from and stops at the "park" position. In
the park position (the ejector blades are
pointing horizontally towards the back of the
ice maker). Just before reaching the park,
position the mold is filled with water. At the
park position all electrical components are
de-energized, even though the shut-off arm
is down, and the ice maker is ready for the
next freeze cycle. The ice maker takes from
30 minutes to one hour to freeze the water.
The primary time factors are the temperature
in the freezer and the amount of airflow
around the ice maker. Colder freezer settings
and free air space around the ice maker
to let air circulate will help make ice faster.
After the ice forms, the ice maker continues
to wait until it reaches 15ºF before it starts
the harvest cycle. This ensures that the
ice is solid in all the cavities. At 15ºF the
thermostat closes, the mold heater turns on,
and the ejector blades rotate up and forward
until they stall out against the ice. The motor
is designed to stall out and is geared to
generate a lot of pressure. This minimizes
the amount of melting needed to extract
the ice. As soon as the ice is loose enough
to move, the ejector pushes the ice out of
the mold during the second half of the first
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revolution. During the second revolution, the
ejector pushes the ice into the bucket.
Just before the ejector completes the second
revolution, the ice maker turns the water
valve on for approximately 7 seconds and
refills the mold with approximately 4 ounces
of water and the freezing cycle is ready to
begin again.
To access the ice maker, open the freezer
door, remove bottom cover and the ice maker
is accessible.
To access module, motor, and support
assembly loosen screws in module access
ports, disconnect shutoff arm, disconnect
wiring harness and remove mold from
support assembly.
Mounting screw
Wire Harness
Shutoff arm


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