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Automatic Ice Maker; Door Stop Adjustment; Light Bulb - Viking VCSB542 Service Manual

Built-in side-by-side refrigerator/freezer.
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Settings and Functions (continued)
If your refrigerator loses power while in Sabbath
mode, it will return to the Sabbath mode when
power is reestablished.
To exit the Sabbath mode, press the
press and hold "ACTIVATE CONTROLS"
and "DISPLAY OFF" pads
simultaneously for three seconds.
You will then hear three beeps
letting you know that you have
turned the Sabbath mode "OFF".
Once your refrigerator has left the Sabbath mode,
the bale arm of the ice maker needs to be pushed
downward until it is no longer in the detent. This
will restore power to the ice maker.
Setting the Controls
Adjust control setting by using a high quality
household temperature thermostat that can read
temperatures between -5° to -50°F (-21° to 10°C).
Checking the Temperature (freezer)
Place the thermometer snugly between frozen
packages in freezer section. Wait five to eight
hours, then check the temperature. If the freezer
temperature is not 0° to 2°F (-17° to -16°C), adjust
the temperature control one number at a time.
Then, check the temperature again in five to
8 hours.
Checking the Temperature (refrigerator)
Place the thermometer in a glass of water in the
middle of the refrigerator. Wait five to eight hours,
and then check the temperature. If the refrigerator
temperature is not 38° to 40°F (3° to 4°C), adjust
the control one number at a time. Check again after
five to eight hours.

Automatic Ice Maker

After the refrigerator reaches normal temperature,
the ice maker fills with water and begins operating.
Under normal conditions, the ice maker will
produce seven to nine batches of ice per 24 hour
© 2010 Viking Preferred Service
Note: Allow 24 to 48 hours after installation before
looking for ice in your ice drawer. You should
discard the first three full drawers of ice produced
by your refrigerator, and should also throw out the
first drawer full of ice your refrigerator produces
after extended periods of non-use.

Door Stop Adjustment

Your refrigerator is factory set at 110° door stop
position. To change to either the 90° or 120°
position, remove the door stop pin located in the
bottom hinge using a 3/16" allen wrench. For 120°
swing, move the pin to stop hole closest to the unit.
For 90° swing, move pin to stop hole farthest from
the unit.

Light Bulb

Disconnect power at breaker or turn power
disconnect switch to the off position. Lightly grasp
light cover with both hands and pull down. Replace
bulb with an incandescent, medium base tubular
bulb with a maximum of 40 watts. Replace cover by
engaging light bracket with the back fingers on the
light cover. Once engaged, snap the front fingers
on the light cover.
Note: The clear section of the light cover is
considered the back section. Reconnect power
or turn power disconnect switch to the "ON"


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