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Troubleshooting Guide / After-Sales Service - Whirlpool ARC 4324 IX Instructions For Use Manual

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Some noises are normal when the appliance is operating
Before contacting After-sales Service....
Performance problems often result from little things you can find and fix yourself without tools of any
The appliance is not working
• Is the power cord damaged?
• Have you checked your home's fuses?
Water collects at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment:
• Is the defrost water drain blocked?
If there is water in the defrost pan:
• This is normal in hot, damp weather. The pan can even be half full. Make sure the refrigerator is level
so that the water does not overflow.
If the edges of the refrigerator cabinet, which come in contact with the door seal, are warm to
the touch:
• This is normal in hot weather and when the compressor is running.
If the light does not work:
• Have you checked your home's fuses?
• Is the power cable plugged into a live socket with the proper voltage?
• Has the light bulb burnt out?
In the case of burnt-out bulbs:
1. Always unplug the appliance from the mains.
• See the "Troubleshooting guide/After-sales Service" chapter".
If the motor seems to run too much:
• Is the condenser free of dust and fluff?
• Are the doors properly closed?
• Are the door seals properly fitted?
• On hot days or if the room is warm, the motor naturally runs longer.
The appliance is excessively noisy:
• Is the appliance in contact with other furniture or objects?
• Are the pipes at the back touching or vibrating?
If the appliance door has been left open for a while or if large amounts of food have been stored, the
motor will run longer in order to cool down the interior of the appliance.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents