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Care And Maintenance; Installation - Whirlpool ARC 4324 IX Instructions For Use Manual

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Before any cleaning or maintenance operation, unplug the appliance from the mains or disconnect the
electrical power supply.
Periodically clean the refrigerator and freezer compartments with a sponge dampened in a solution of
lukewarm water and special detergent for refrigerator interiors. Rinse and dry. Never use abrasive
detergents. Never clean refrigerator parts with flammable fluids. The fumes can create a fire hazard or
• Clean with a damp cloth.
Do not use abrasive products, scourers, stain-removers (e.g. acetone, trichloroethylene) or vinegar.
Dry with a soft cloth.
• Both refrigerator and freezer compartments are provided with an automatic defrosting function (no
frost system).
• Do not use steam cleaners.
• Regularly clean the condenser (air vents at the rear of the appliance) with a vacuum cleaner or a brush
(see figure).
• Ensure the seals are always perfectly clean.


Freestanding appliances (not built-in)
• Fit the spacers (if supplied) on the rear of the
condenser positioned at the back of the appliance
(see figure); alternatively, leave a space of at least
6 cm between the rear of the appliance and the
• To optimize appliance efficiency, leave a 5 cm gap
above the appliance and make sure that adjacent
kitchen units are sufficiently distanced to allow air
• Ensure that the appliance is level, using the front
adjustment feet if necessary.
Downloaded from Manuals
• Regulations require that the appliance is earthed.
The manufacturer declines all liability for injury to
persons or animals and for damage to property
resulting from failure to observe the above
procedures and reminders.
• If the plug and socket are not of the same type,
have the socket replaced by a qualified
Do not use extension leads or adapters.
Disconnecting the appliance
It must be possible to disconnect the appliance by
unplugging it or by means of a double-pole switch
isolating the socket.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents