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Whirlpool ARC 4324 IX Instructions For Use Manual page 6

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This sliding compartment stays colder than the rest of the refrigerator compartment to keep daily foods
fresh longer.
It is proper for keeping dairy products, cold cuts, sausage and meat.
If necessary, remove the fresh control compartment for cleaning.
DRAWER (depending on the model)
The drawer has four containers which can be used to store small food items.
For ease of use and optimum food storage, you can move the drawer to the right or left.
Furthermore, you can easily remove the drawer if necessary.
Note: close the drawer lids to prevent food from drying out and odours from mixing.
BOTTLE RACK (depending on the model)
Designed to hold bottles in the horizontal position.
The shelf beneath the bottle rack can be easily fitted by simply moving the rack to the right or left.
The bottle rack is easy to remove: simply pull the glass shelf outwards, slide the bottle rack to the right or
left and remove it.
The bottle rack can be fitted on any glass shelf.
Note: make sure bottles are tightly closed to avoid spills.
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