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Motorola HTN9005 Series Manual

Multi-unit chargers
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Multi-Unit Chargers
Cargadores múltiples
Carregadores múltiplos
Chargeurs multiples
HTN9005 Series


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Motorola HTN9005 Series

  • Page 1 Multi-Unit Chargers Cargadores múltiples Carregadores múltiplos Chargeurs multiples HTN9005 Series...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    WARNING and damage. 2. Use of accessories not recommended by Motorola may result in risk of fire, electric shock, or injury. 3. To reduce risk of damage to the electric plug and cord, pull by the plug rather than the cord when disconnect- ing the charger.
  • Page 3: Operational Safety Guidelines

    Take it to WARNING a qualified Motorola service rep- resentative. 6. Do not disassemble the charger; it is not repair- able and replacement parts are not available.
  • Page 4: Motorola Authorized Batteries

    MOTOROLA AUTHORIZED BATTERIES The batteries listed in Table 1 are approved for use with the HTN9005 Series Multi-Unit Chargers. Table 1. Motorola Authorized Batteries Kit (part) Battery Chemistry/Description Number...
  • Page 5 (power plug) for your power source application. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Multi-unit chargers will charge only the Motorola authorized batteries listed in Table 1. Other batteries may not charge. Multi-unit chargers can charge up to six of the batteries (in any combination) listed in Table 1.
  • Page 6 Note: Although each charger pocket operates independently of the other, operation is identical. The following description applies to each of the six charger pockets. 2. Insert a battery, or radio with battery (radio turned off), into the charger's pocket by: a.
  • Page 7: Troubleshooting

    3. When the battery is properly seated in the pocket, the charger LED will light red to indicate that the battery is charging rapidly. When the battery is 90% charged, the LED will begin to flash green to indicate that the battery is trickle charging.
  • Page 8 Flashing Red LED Indicator? 1. Remove the battery from the charger, and: a. make sure that it is a Motorola authorized battery listed in Table1. Other batteries may not charge. b. remove power from the battery charger and, using a clean dry cloth, clean the gold metal, charging contacts of the battery and charger.
  • Page 9 Other than cleaning the battery charging contacts and dusting the unit with a clean, dry cloth, any maintenance, troubleshooting, service, or repair of the HTN9005 Series Multi-Unit Chargers should be performed only by authorized Motorola service personnel. A service manual is available to qualified...
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