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Sanyo FWSB426F Owner's Manual

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Owner's Manual
Manual del Propietario
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  Summary of Contents for Sanyo FWSB426F

  • Page 1 Owner's Manual Manual del Propietario INSTRUCCIONES SIMPLIFICADAS INCLUIDOS EN ESPAÑOL. FWSB426F To obtain a more detailed Electronic Copy of this Manual or much further contents, go to Para obtener una Copia Electrónica más detallada de este Manual o mucho otras contenido, visite
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    PRECAUTIONS Supplied Accessories Contents PRECAUTIONS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..........3 ABOUT SOUNDBAR Soundbar .................... 6 Top / Front panels of Soundbar ..........6 (NC302UH) ( AAA x 2 ) Back Connectors on Soundbar ..........6 • Setup Manual • Remote Control • Batteries (AAA, 1.5V x 2) Subwoofer ..................
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Register Online at today to get the most benefits from your purchase. Registering your model with SANYO makes you eligible for all of the valuable benefits such as Software Upgrades and important product notifications. Register Online at The Model and Serial Numbers of this Unit may be found on the cabinet.
  • Page 4 • This unit’s packaging materials are recyclable and can be reused. Please dispose of any materials in accordance with your local recycling regulations. • Batteries should never be thrown away or incinerated but disposed of in accordance with your local regulations concerning chemical wastes. • For product recycling information, please visit - – 4 –...
  • Page 5 Do not spray insecticide liquid near the unit. Such chemicals may discolor the surface or damage the unit. SANYO is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. and is used by Funai Electric Co., Ltd. and Funai Corporation, Inc. under license from SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 6: About Soundbar

    ABOUT SOUNDBAR Soundbar Top / Front panels of Soundbar INPUT LINE OPTICAL/ PAIR COAXIAL INPUT source LED color Description orange Lights up when you switch to Line-In source (3.5mm jack). LINE INPUT Lights up when you switch to USB Input source. orange Blinks when recognition of USB Memory Stick is in process, USB INPUT...
  • Page 7: Subwoofer

    Subwoofer Rear of Subwoofer Lights up when the Subwoofer is connected correctly. Blinks if the Soundbar is Off or in Standby mode, or the LED indicator Subwoofer cannot be connected to the Soundbar. Usually the Subwoofer is connected to the Soundbar CONNECT button automatically when the Unit is turned On.
  • Page 8: Remote Control

    Remote Control Installing the Batteries for the Remote Control Install 2 AAA (1.5V) batteries matching the polarity indicated inside battery compartment of the Remote Control. • The maximum operable ranges from the Unit are as follows. – Line of sight: approx.
  • Page 9: Connect Audio From Other Device

    CONNECTIONS Supplied Cables used in this Connection are as follows: • Digital Audio Optical Cable×1 • Line-In cable × 1 Connect to a device Connect to TV Rear of Soundbar Rear of TV COAX LINE OPTICAL Line-In cable Good Good HEADPHONE supplied Digital Audio Coaxial cable...
  • Page 10 Connect AC Power cords from Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer to an electric outlet. Rear of Soundbar Rear of Subwoofer Rear of Subwoofer – 10 –...
  • Page 11: Using Your Soundbar

    USING YOUR SOUNDBAR Turning On the Soundbar Press on the Remote Control. Check that the LED indicator on the rear of the Subwoofer steadily lights up. • The LED lights up if the Subwoofer is properly connected to the Soundbar. Rear of Subwoofer R R ear of Subwoofer CONNECT button...
  • Page 12: Adjust The Volume

    Adjust the Volume To increase or decrease the Volume, press VOL +/- on the Remote Control. Volume levels LED lighting patterns LED behavior 0 - 5 LINE LINE OPTICAL/ PAIR COAXIAL (6 levels) 6 - 11 LINE LINE OPTICAL/ OPTICAL PAIR COAXIAL COAXIAL...
  • Page 13: Experiencing The Surround Sound

    Experiencing the Surround Sound Press on the Remote Control to activate the Surround sound. • The LEDs blink in a spread manner, from the center (OPTICAL/COAXIAL) to both sides. Surround status LED lighting patterns Sound effects LINE OPTICAL/ OPTICAL/ PAIR COAXIAL COAXIAL ...
  • Page 14: Choosing Preset Sound

    Choosing Preset Sound Press either , or on the Remote Control to select the desired preset sound suitable for the Audio that is playing. The LED in the center (OPTICAL/COAXIAL) blinks yellow once. When the preset sound setting is set, LED indicators go back to the current Input. NOTE(S) •...
  • Page 15: Making More Use With Your Soundbar

    MAKING MORE USE WITH YOUR SOUNDBAR Using a Bluetooth compatible Device Pairing a Bluetooth compatible Device with this Unit Press BLUETOOTH on the Remote Control to switch the Soundbar to Bluetooth Mode. Turn your Bluetooth compatible Device On and activate the Bluetooth setting. (See the User Manual of the Bluetooth compatible Device on how to enable Bluetooth.) On your Bluetooth compatible Device search for and select “SANYO_FWSB426F”...
  • Page 16 The following chart describes behavior of the PAIR indicator and To-Do’s for playback, according to each behavior sequence of the PAIR indicator. The current status of Bluetooth and the procedures to PAIR indicator behavior (The arrow indicates the passage of time.) complete Bluetooth connection for Bluetooth playback.
  • Page 17: Playing Back A Music File Through Usb Memory Stick

    Playing back a music file through USB Memory Stick You can enjoy playback of music files which are stored on a USB Memory Stick on this Unit. Preparing for USB Memory Stick playback You require the following equipment: – A FAT(FAT16)/FAT32 formatted USB Memory Stick –...
  • Page 18: Useful Tips

    20 seconds, then plug it back in and turn the Soundbar On. Upgrading the Software SANYO continuously tries to improve its products and we strongly recommend that you Upgrade the Soundbar Software when Upgrades are available. New Software can be downloaded from our website at using the Model Number from your Soundbar to find information.
  • Page 19: Auto Standby Function

    Auto Standby Function • This Soundbar will automatically go into Standby mode for Energy Saving if no Audio Signal has been input for more than 20 minutes. • In order to use the Soundbar again while it is in Standby mode, press on the Remote Control.
  • Page 20: Information

    INFORMATION Troubleshooting Guide If the Unit does not perform properly when operated as instructed in this Owner’s Manual, refer to the following. Problem Corrective action – Check if the AC Power cords are properly connected. No Power (no LED lights will be –...
  • Page 21: Specifications

    Specifications 120 V AC + / - 10%, 60 Hz + / - 0.5% Power requirements 80W (Front L/R speaker: 40W, Subwoofer: 40W) Output power Soundbar: 39.3 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches (999 x 77 x 77 mm) Dimensions Subwoofer: 8.5 x 10.1 x 11.9 inches (217 x 257 x 303 mm) (width x height x depth) Soundbar: 5.29 lbs.
  • Page 22: Limited Warranty

    Contact the Customer Care Center at: Replacement product can only be sent if all warranty requirements are met. Failure to follow all requirements can result in delay. 1 866 212 0436 WHAT IS NOT COVERED - EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS:...
  • Page 23: Español

    Español Conexiones Reproducción Para conectar a una TV, consulte “CONNECTIONS (CONEXIONES)” en la página 9 y verifique las Presione para encender su terminales de la TV, después conecte su Soundbar a la Soundbar. TV, y conecte el cable de energía CA. Para reproducir audio a través de un dispositivo Bluetooth, consulte Presione el botón de fuente INPUT “Playing back a music file through Bluetooth (Reproducir...
  • Page 24 Comuníquese con el Centro de Atención al Cliente al: incluso si viene empacado con el producto o si se vende junto con éste. Los fabricantes, proveedores o editores que no sean de la compañía pueden proporcionar una garantía por separado para 1 866 212 0436 sus propios productos empacados con el producto.