Nortel T7406 Installation Manual

Nortel networks cordless telephone installation guide.
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T7406 Cordless Telephone
Read all documentation before proceeding with installation of this
Warning: First-time battery charge
Follow this procedure for the first-time charge of your handset battery packs
and when you first set up your T7406 system. Failure to follow all of these
steps can result in operational difficulties.
Ensure that the battery pack is fully charged before you attempt to use your
T7406 handset for the first time.
Charge the battery pack in the rear port of the charger for a
minimum of 30 minutes.
Install the battery pack in the handset.
Put the handset into the front port of the charger and charge the
battery pack in the handset for a minimum of three hours.
Trickle charge a spare battery pack in the rear battery port of the
charger for 12 hours.
Ensure you configure the handsets in an orderly fashion. If you are
configuring a number of handsets, ensure the battery packs for all the
handsets are charged before you start configuring the handsets to the base
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  • Page 1

    Warning: First-time battery charge Follow this procedure for the first-time charge of your handset battery packs and when you first set up your T7406 system. Failure to follow all of these steps can result in operational difficulties. Ensure that the battery pack is fully charged before you attempt to use your T7406 handset for the first time.

  • Page 2

    Networks Sales representative. Nortel, the Nortel globemark, Norstar, and Business Communications Manager are trademarks of Nortel Networks. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. All information is subject to charge. Nortel Networks reserves the right, without notice, to change its products as progress in engineering or manufacturing methods or any other circumstances may warrant.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Provisioning the T7406 ....... 7 Operational Bandwidths ......7 Operational Parameters .

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    4 / Contents Charging the T7406 Battery Pack ..... . .24 First-time Charging ......25 Handset Power .

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Cleaning battery contacts ..... . . 46 Installing the T7406 Handset Accessories ....47 Optional accessories .

  • Page 6

    6 / Contents P0606142 01...

  • Page 7: Provisioning The T7406, Operational Bandwidths, Operational Parameters

    The use of a common wall-mounted base station for multiple handsets allows you to position the base antennas for maximum performance and coverage. The indoor range of the T7406 is 95 meters (300 feet) in a typical office environment. This range may vary with differing environments.

  • Page 8: Installation Site Parameters

    Installation Site Parameters Physical characteristics of the site where the T7406 is to be installed, or has been installed, must be evaluated to maximize the performance of the T7406 telephone. Outlined below are some of the most common characteristics to be considered: •...

  • Page 9: Rf Lans (radio Frequency Local Area Networks), Telephone-to-base Range

    RF LAN is used for inventory equipment. With the correct selection of the T7406 operating band, the RF LAN operating at 900 MHz does not pose an operating issue for T7406 nor does the T7406 pose issues for the RF LAN with respect to data transmission capabilities.

  • Page 10: Environmental Layout Considerations

    44 m/ 144 ft. 2. Office Facility The T7406 can also be used in business with larger square footage and including an interior layout that has a higher concentration of physical barriers. Full radio coverage at these facilities takes more planning to work around possible barriers.

  • Page 11

    4. Office with adjacent yard area(s) 95 m/ 300 ft. This environment may allow for ranges in excess of 95 m (300 ft.). Provisioning the T7406 / 11 • Various Small Businesses • Typically under 1,394 square meters/15,000 square feet •...

  • Page 12: Environments Unsuitable For The T7406

    12 / Provisioning the T7406 Environments Unsuitable for the T7406 Campus Environment (multiple buildings on one site) The campus environment is not a suitable application for the T7406. For this type of environment, contact your authorized Nortel Networks distributor to discuss alternatives.

  • Page 13: Powering The T7406, Battery Charge Controller

    Powering the T7406 The T7406 design has taken into account the need to provide a reliably- powered cordless business telephone. The T7406 utilizes premium 1400 mAh NiMh batteries. A fully charged 1400 mAh battery should provide four to five hours of talk time in a typical eight-hour day over, approximately, a three-year service life.

  • Page 14: Specifications

    • The handset charge light will turn from red to green to indicate that the handset battery is fully charged and ready for use. • The T7406 charge stand provides a rear port as a trickle charger that charges a fully depleted 1400 mAh battery in 12 to 14 hours.

  • Page 15: Important Battery Pack Information

    Important battery pack information Before you use the T7406 cordless handset, read the following information. This unit contains a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery: • Follow the proper installation and charging procedures for the T7406 battery pack. Refer to page 24.

  • Page 16: About Your T7406 Telephone, Radio Range And Coverage Considerations, Security Of Conversation, Density And Interference

    The T7406 is a multiple-handset, single-base cordless telephone system. The T7406 telephone provides a fully-integrated mobility solution for your business. The T7406 handset allows you to freely move around your work space while on a call, and still maintain access to all your telephone system features.

  • Page 17: Spare Parts, T7406 Parts Lists

    Station on page 21. If other devices operating on the ISM band interfere with the T7406 base, the other half of the band may be used to try to minimize interference. In this situation, install only one base station and three handsets per location.

  • Page 18: Handset Overview

    18 / Handset Overview Handset parts list ® ≥ PQRS WXYZ Handset Charger Handset card (2) and Plastic lens (1) Handset Overview The handset automatically links with the base station by searching for the base station signal when the following are completed: •...

  • Page 19: Handset Signal Detection

    Note: In cases where the line button does not light when you move back into range of the base station, press the intercom/line button that the call came in on, to take the call off hold. Handset Overview / 19 Hold calls T7406 Installation Guide...

  • Page 20: Handset Features

    20 / Handset Overview Handset Features Display Shows the time, date, call information, handset status icons and guides you while using features. Display buttons Starts or cancels a feature. Cancels active calls. Headset port Lanyard anchor (hook) For attaching a wrist strap.

  • Page 21: Installing The Base Station, Base Station Features, Antenna

    • how to connect the base station to your system The T7406 cordless telephone operates on the same principle as a two- way radio. Therefore, the location of the base station affects the range of reception. The base station should not be installed where radio waves are blocked or reflected, such as next to a filing cabinet.

  • Page 22: Mounting Bracket, T7406 Pre-installation Programming

    Mounting Bracket Mounting bracket T7406 Pre-installation Programming Before connecting the T7406 base station to your system, you must set up system programming for the handset lines. Have the system administrator set up this programming: Program Handsfree to Auto. Program a maximum of three lines to each handset.

  • Page 23: Before You Start, Mounting And Connecting The Base Station

    TCMs per base station to the system. c. Plug the small end of the power adapter into the back of the base station. d. Plug the other end into an AC outlet. Note:A red light flashes continuously on the base station when powered. T7406 Installation Guide...

  • Page 24: Charging The T7406 Battery Pack

    24 / Charging the T7406 Battery Pack Align the notches on the back of the base station with the mounting bracket on the wall. Push the base station against the brackets until they are securely connected. Charging the T7406 Battery Pack Warning: It is imperative that you follow the steps in this section when you first initialize a base station and configure the first handset.

  • Page 25: First-time Charging

    Indicator lights Charging the T7406 Battery Pack / 25 Installing a Battery Pack into the Handset 1. Position the battery pack in the bottom position on the back of the handset. 2. Snap the top of the battery pack into place.

  • Page 26: Handset Power, Low Battery, Recharge

    • To fully recharge the battery pack, leave the handset in the charger until the indicator light turns green. Note: If the T7406 battery is not properly installed, or if the battery level is extremely low, the six programmable buttons may light or flash simultaneously.

  • Page 27: Battery Levels, Handset Configuration, Important First-time Installation Information

    Since the handsets start scanning as soon as they are powered, you must set the handset ID #s first when you configure the handset to avoid conflicts between handset signals and the possibility of one set mirroring another. Handset Configuration / 27 T7406 Installation Guide...

  • Page 28: Identifying The Handsets To The System

    28 / Handset Configuration If you install more than one base station on a system, ensure that you assign a unique Security code to each base station. However, all base stations have the same three Handset ID numbers (1, 2, or 3), which identify the handset to the base station.

  • Page 29: Assigning The Handset To The Base Station

    This is explained in detail in later sections. This is the general process for setting up a T7406 handset: • Identify the handset to a unique Handset ID # (1, 2, or 3) Note: The handset ID #, which gets assigned to each handset, matches up to TCM/RJ-11 jack on the back of the base .

  • Page 30: Using The Handset Display Buttons, Configuring The First Handset To A Base Station

    30 / Handset Configuration Using the Handset Display Buttons The T7406 handset has a three-line display. The three display buttons located under the display are used to interact with the handset menus and the feature code messages that appear on the display.

  • Page 31: Changing The Handset Id Password

    Enter a new six-digit password. Note: For ease of administration, it is recommended that you use the same password as the one you used for the Security code/S.S. Code. Handset Configuration / 31 . (six digits) The current T7406 Installation Guide...

  • Page 32: Assigning The Security Code

    32 / Handset Configuration Press The display shows Re-enter the password. Press The display shows Press the Options button to exit the Option menu The display changes to show the date and time. Password errors If you enter an incorrect password and the display shows return to the Lost password Make a note of the new password.

  • Page 33: Configure The Next Handset To The Base Station, Setting Handset Features, Ring Type

    To assign the ring type: Setting Handset Features / 33 , press Configuring the Handset ID Number on page 32 up to and including step 8. to get ready to button for five seconds. on page on page 31. Assigning T7406 Installation Guide...

  • Page 34: Ringer Volume, Lock Handset

    34 / Setting Handset Features Press the Options button. Press The display shows Press . The display shows Note: There is also a Ringer Off setting. Press to listen to the four different rings available on your handset. Press to accept the ring type of your choice. Press the Options button to exit the Option menu.

  • Page 35: Language, Handset System Feature Notes

    ≥ button, the set will not get ring notification of an incoming call. To release the held line, press the line or intercom button, and then press ® . Setting Handset Features / 35 button, then press ® T7406 Installation Guide...

  • Page 36

    No Voice Call display on their telephone. As well, the call will continue as a normal call to the T7406 set. LCD Contrast Level: This feature is not adjustable, either through the handset or through system programming.

  • Page 37: Button Mapping On The Handset

    Line 1 Line 2 Call Fwd The following three illustrations show the correlation between the T7406 handset buttons and the M7310, T7316 and T7316E telephones, which are standard telephones used for Norstar and Business Communications Manager systems. M7310 to T7406...

  • Page 38

    38 / Button Mapping on the Handset T7316 to T7406 T7316 Telephone T7316E to T7406 T7316E Telephone For more information, refer to P0606142 01 T7406 Handset T7406 Handset Programming memory buttons on page...

  • Page 39: Memory Buttons, Programming Memory Buttons

    • internal autodial numbers • features After you have programmed the memory buttons, record the names and numbers on the handset card. For more information, refer to the T7406 Handset Accessories External autodial To program an external autodial memory button: Press ≤•⁄.

  • Page 40: Button Inquiry, System Feature Codes

    40 / Button Mapping on the Handset Press a memory button. Dial the internal number. Press to store the number. Label the button. Features To program a feature memory button: Press ≤•‹. Press a memory button. Press ≤ and enter the feature code. Press to store the feature code.

  • Page 41: Handset Asleep (save Battery Mode), Handset Asleep Mode Feature Conditions

    If the handset is in Handset Asleep mode, the following features are affected: Button Mapping on the Handset / 41 ≤•‚ ≤› ≤‹ ≤°fi ≤fi ≤⁄ ≤fl‚ ≤fl⁄ ≤fl¤ ≤fl‹ ≤¤ ≤‡‚ ≤flfl Memory buttons on page 39. T7406 Installation Guide...

  • Page 42: Make And Answer Calls

    Priority calls. Priority calls when DND is active: When the handset is in Handset Asleep mode and a Priority call is made to the T7406, it appears to the caller that the Priority Call was successfully connected, even though you receive no indication on your T7406 handset.

  • Page 43: Answer Calls, Hold Calls, Mute Microphone

    Note: While Mute is active, if you press any button on the face of the handset, the display will clear, but Mute will remain active. To turn off Mute, press the Options/Mute button on the side of the handset. Make and Answer Calls / 43 T7406 Installation Guide...

  • Page 44: Customize A Handset, Backlight On/off

    Options/Mute button on the side of the handset. Page You can use the T7406 cordless handset to make a page announcement. The handset does not have a loudspeaker so it cannot be paged. To make a page announcement: Press ≤fl‚...

  • Page 45: Helpful Hints

    The backlight automatically turns off if the handset is idle for more than five seconds. Helpful hints If your T7406 telephone is not functioning as you expect, review the following table for possible solutions. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.

  • Page 46: Cleaning Battery Contacts

    46 / Helpful hints Problem The six programmable buttons on the handset begin to light/flash simultaneously. light or flash. Cleaning battery contacts Clean all charging contacts on the handset and charger with a soft, dry cloth on a regular maintenance cycle to maintain a good charge connection.

  • Page 47: Installing The T7406 Handset Accessories

    This section describes how to use the utility accessories on your handset. PQRS WXYZ Installing the T7406 Handset Accessories / 47 The Handset Card On the handset card, you can write names or numbers identifying the six memory buttons on the handset. For more...

  • Page 48

    48 / Installing the T7406 Handset Accessories P0606142 01 The belt clip Use the belt clip to clip the handset onto your clothes or carrying case to free your hands for other tasks. To attach the belt clip to the handset: 1.

  • Page 49: Optional Accessories, Leather Carrying Cases, Headset Compatibility

    Note: No audible DTMF tones can be heard through the earpiece when you are wearing a headset with your T7406 handset. Dialpad button pressing is still received normally at the far end.

  • Page 50: Headset Installation

    50 / Optional accessories Headset installation Follow these steps to attach a headset to the handset port. Lift up and remove the rubber tab to expose the headset port. Insert the headset jack into the headset port. Note: The headset jack has a 2.5 mm opening. An adapter may be required if your headset has a 3.5 mm pin.

  • Page 51: Regulatory Information, Canadian Regulations, Us Regulations, Notice

    (The FCC registration number appears on a sticker affixed to the bottom of the base.) Do not attempt to repair this equipment. If you experience trouble, call or write for warranty and repair information. Regulatory information / 51 T7406 Installation Guide...

  • Page 52: Emi/emc (fcc Part 15), For Class A Host Equipment

    52 / Regulatory information Nortel Networks 640 Massman Drive, Nashville, TN, 37210 Hearing aids: This telephone is compatible with hearing aids equipped with an appropriate telecoil option. Programming emergency numbers: When programming emergency numbers and/or making test calls to emergency numbers: Remain on the line and briefly explain to the dispatcher the reason for calling before hanging up.

  • Page 53: For Class B Host Equipment, Safety, Important Safety Instructions

    This product meets all applicable requirements of both the CSA C22.2 No. 950-95 and UL-1950 Edition 3. Important Safety Instructions WARNING: To avoid electrical shock hazard to personnel or equipment damage observe the following precautions when installing telephone equipment. Regulatory information / 53 T7406 Installation Guide...

  • Page 54: Installation

    54 / Regulatory information Installation Never install telephone wiring during a lightning storm. Never install telephone jacks in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed for wet locations. Never touch uninsulated telephone wires or terminals unless the telephone line has been disconnected at the network interface. Use caution when installing or modifying telephone lines.

  • Page 55

    WARNING: Do not insert the plug at the free end of the handset cord directly into a wall or baseboard jack. Such misuse can result in unsafe sound levels or possible damage to the handset. Regulatory information / 55 T7406 Installation Guide...

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