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Assembly; Attaching The Battery Cables; Attaching The Steering Wheel - Craftsman T1400 247.203734 Operator's Manual

17.5 hp, variation speed 42” deck
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IMPORTANT: Your tractor is shipped with motor oil in the engine. However, you
MUST check the oil level before operating. Refer to the Service & Maintenance
section for instructions on checking the oil level.

Attaching the Battery Cables

California Proposition 65
Battery posts, terminals, and related accessories contain lead and lead
compounds, chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and
reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.
When attaching battery cables, always connect the POSITIVE (Red) wire to its
terminal first, followed by the NEGATIVE (Black) wire.
For shipping reasons, both battery cables on your equipment have been left
disconnected from the terminals at the factory. To connect the battery cables,
proceed as follows:
NOTE: The positive battery terminal is marked Pos. (+). The negative battery
terminal is marked Neg. (-).
Remove the plastic cover, if present, from the positive battery terminal and
attach the red cable to the positive battery terminal (+) with the bolt and
hex nut. See Figure 1.
Remove the plastic cover, if present, from the negative battery terminal and
attach the black cable to the negative battery terminal (–) with the bolt and
hex nut. See Figure 1.
Position the red rubber boot over the positive battery terminal to help
protect it from corrosion.
NOTE: If the battery is put into service after the date shown on top of battery,
charge the battery as instructed in the Service & Maintenance section of this
manual prior to operating the tractor.


Figure 1
Shipping Brace Removal
Make sure the riding mower's engine is off, remove the ignition key, and
set the parking brake before removing the shipping brace. Refer to the
Operation section for instructions on how to set the parking brake.
Check the mower deck for a shipping brace that may be holding the chute
deflector upward for shipment. If the brace is present, it must be removed
before operating the tractor. Holding the chute deflector fully upward,
remove the shipping brace. Lower the chute deflector and discard the
shipping brace. See Figure 2.
The shipping brace, used for packaging purposes only, must be removed and
discarded before operating your riding mower.
The mowing deck is capable of throwing objects. Failure to operate the
riding mower without the discharge cover in the proper operating position
could result in serious personal injury and/or property damage.

Attaching The Steering Wheel

If the steering wheel for your tractor did not come attached, the hardware for
attaching it has been packed within the steering wheel, beneath the steering wheel
cap. Carefully pry off the steering wheel cap and remove the hardware.
With the wheels of the tractor pointing straight forward, place the steering
wheel over the steering shaft.
Place the washer (with the cupped side down) over the steering wheel and
secure with the hex bolt. See Figure 3.
Place the steering wheel cap over the center of the steering wheel and
push downward until it "clicks" into place.
Figure 2

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Table of Contents

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